Pret-A-Surf Gets You Noticed

Posted by    |    August 16th, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Rihanna. Marion Cotillard. Sienna Miller. Blake Lively.  Besides being famous, what do all these ladies have in common?  They are Pret-a-Surf beach bunnies.  According to their chic website, The Pret-a-Surf line was founded by Jillian Demling (Entertainment Editor at Vogue) and Karen Mulligan (Studio Manager for the photographer, Annie Leibovitz). Their goal was to create a “surf line for the woman who is active and wants to look good while playing and competing. Ready to surf and ready to wear. The Pret-a-Surf woman is one who wears a couture ball gown at night and a sensuous bikini by day.”

With a production team in New York City, Pret-a-Surf launched its debut line in May 2010. Up next for the line is a laundry list of lovelies: scented surfboard wax, made-to-order surfboards, Pret-a-Sport for tennis, Pret-a-Snow for skiing and snowboarding, and Pret-a-Storage for those cute bags to hold it all.  Since the founders of Pret-a-Surf are visual lasses, it should come as no surprise they have a charming new video to showcase just how cute their resort collection is. Enjoy The Next Time!

-Hilary Kennedy is a contributing author for YouPlus Style and YouPlus Dallas, focusing primarily on Style, Arts and Entertainment, and Dating and Relationships. Hilary also stars in many videos for YouPlusMedia and has her own show, The Hilary Kennedy Show.

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