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Wearing White: Tips You’ll Love

Posted by    |    May 31st, 2011 at 3:36 pm

Now that Memorial Day has passed, it’s time to bring out the whites and pronounce, “It’s summer!”  White, deemed the absence of color, can be tricky and downright intimidating to wear.  Some say it makes you look larger than you really are, others just fear it because one spill of wine or Kool-Aid and you’re toast. BUT-when you get it right, white looks clean, fresh, and youthful in a way that no other color does.  Here are some great tips to keep white a wardrobe favorite.

Tip #1: Get the correct foundation garments.

White can be a tad see-through at times, especially in bright summer sunlight.  Buy nude foundation garments as close to your skin tone as possible.  Wearing white bras or panties can show through under white blouses and pants, attracting attention to all the wrong places.

Tip #2: Avoid ALL white accessories when wearing white.

If you don’t add a few pops of color or even other neutrals, you begin to look like the Abominable Snow Man, and that’s not a good thing.  If you’re wearing an all-white outfit, just make sure to wear a colored belt, gold or silver jewelry, or something that can contrast with all that dreamy white.

Tip #3: Carry a travel-sized stain remover in your purse.

Many trust the Tide To Go pen, but Shout-Out Wipes and the like are also compact and will fit easily in any purse or pocket.  White attracts lint, stains of all colors, and dirt, so be prepared to combat them should they arise. It’s never more uncomfortable than showing up to an event with an ugly stain right on the front of your white shirt.

Tip #4: Tight white just ain’t right.

White can hug in all the wrong places; so make sure you have plenty of room in whatever you’re wearing.  White shows more bulges than other colors, and you don’t want it drawing attention to your problem areas.  When buying white, just remember that white can be most elegant when it is in a loose, flowing state.  Save the super-curve-hugging items for colors like black, navy, or red.

Tip #5: White shoes with white ensemble? Not always.

There are instances where white shoes with a white outfit can work, but most of the time you should stick to a nude, metallic, or colorful shoe when wearing all white.  And never, ever, ever wear white hosiery. This isn’t 1982.

Tip #6: White is appropriate for every occasion-except a wedding where you aren’t the bride or groom.

Wearing white to someone else’s wedding is considered an insult; let the bride have her moment.  You can always sport your white dress to birthday parties, dinner parties, BBQ’s….just NOT another bride’s big day.

There you have it….all the right ways to make white a wardrobe staple.  One last bit of advice-invest your largest amount in white wardrobe staples, like a crisp button-down shirt or pants/jeans in a substantial fabric.  White clothes tend to wear out and become stained more frequently than other colors, so consider buying cheaper trendy pieces for the rest of your white items. 

How Big is TOO Big?

Posted by    |    May 26th, 2011 at 8:32 am

The engagement ring. A sign of things to come.  A promise worn for the world to see.  A way to solidify your celebrity status forever. Wait….what?

It seems these days in pop culture that the engagement ring is no longer just a symbol of love, fidelity, and a man’s intent to make you his bride.  Celebrities are suddenly in the never-ending cycle of bigger and better, seemingly to “one-up” each other in the diamond department.  Now, most ladies wouldn’t turn down a 2 million dollar Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring, but many blogs are tearing apart Kim Kardashian’s new bauble.  Weighing in at 20.5 carats and reported to be “the  highest color and clarity”, beau Kris Humphries proposed to Kim this week. It’s no secret that Kim loves big diamonds (Liz Taylor was a reported idol,) and her new love wanted it to measure up. After sister Khloe Kardashian received her sparkler from hubby Lamar Odom two years ago (a cool nine carats), the world knew their televised sibling rivalry would mean at least one other Kardashian would have to beat that number.


All a Girl Needs: Wigs, Wardrobe, and Wine

Posted by    |    May 23rd, 2011 at 5:08 pm

Designer Paulette Martsolf knows a thing or two about how mystery and style go hand in hand.  The owner and chief designer of Snider Plaza staple boutique Allie-Coosh can often be seen wearing her signature chic styles about town along with her favorite accessory-wigs!  No stranger to involving her friends and clients in a fun soiree, Paulette invited Dallas stylistas to experience her new summer lines and striking new jewelry designs at the boutique.  Unlike the typical trunk show or seasonal debut, this particular party also allowed guests to “wig out” and try on new tresses. 

Besides the child-like fun of trying on short bobs, curly teases and sleek falls, guests got a first glimpse at the incredible new jewelry line by Paulette.  Weighty cuffs and woven chains with feathers were among the trendy new pieces, which pair effortlessly with the lightweight summer wardrobe styles.  Whether shoppers are looking for Mother of the Bride, casual summer brunch, or fundraising event attire, Allie-Coosh has breezy seasonal seperates for every occasion.  Beautiful, wrinkle free, easy to wear and wash items are fabulous on their own, but add some of Paulette’s hot new baubles and you’re set for summer.

Wine and Hors d’oeuvres capped off a lovely evening at Allie-Coosh, with wig donations by the boutique and Mimi’s Wig Boutique benefiting The Bridge Breast Network. To see a few of the stunning new styles, check out the Allie-Coosh website.

Bloggy Lovey

Posted by    |    May 18th, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Blogs are addicting. I mean seriously addicting.  I used to think they were just for commentary on social issues or Aunt So- and-So’s way to brag about every little thing her children do. Not so! I have a treasure trove of cool, charming, and interesting blogs to share with the style, beauty, and interior design concious folks out there.  You may already be in love with some of these beauties, but here is my list in random order:

Southern Weddings: It is exactly what it says. This blog is so full of southern goodness and wedding eye candy that you will fall in love even if you aren’t planning your nuptials.

Style and Candy: Fashion inspiration from Kelly, a 20-something stylist, and some cool DIY. She’s got great taste.

Honey, We’re Home: Interior design and home featuers that will have you drooling. You MUST check out the blogger’s closet photos-incredible!

Pure Style Home: Exactly what it says.  Lauren Liess gives you such simple and beautiful home ideas that you won’t want to miss her posts.

From The Heart of Casey: I’m biased, but this sweet blog by my friend Casey is one of the most touching and genuine out there. If you’re looking for encouragement in your faith, Anthropologie style and stunning photos, this is it.

Elizabeth Ann’s Recipe Box: Elizabeth Ann is a gifted cook who shares her delicious recipes with everyone on this scumptious blog. I highly recommend the Fat Free 7 Layer Mexican Dip. Yummmm.

Magnanimity of Motherhood: Blogger Real Posh Mom spills style for mommies, recipes, lifestyle tips…this blog has something interesting every week, including info about local events.

Oh So Cynthia: This blog by the fashionable Cynthia Smoot dishes the dirt on what’s hot in Dallas, as well as what went on at those big events that you didn’t make it out to for one reason or another. Great scoop and pop culture tidbits.

Last, but not least: Beauty and the Feast. You won’t be able to get enough of this blog that packs more beauty AND foodie love than you can handle. I love their make-up reviews and giveaways. Gorgeous!

If you have a blog that you think should be added to my blogroll, leave me a comment and I’ll check it out!



From The Small Screen to The Shops at Starwood: Meet Daniel Lewis

Posted by    |    May 16th, 2011 at 6:40 pm

What do you get when you cross a cosmetologist with an interior designer? No, not Lady Gaga. Quite the contrary-how about a handsome gentleman who has a earned the title celebrity stylist from this stint on Bravo’s Season 2 of “Shear Genius“? Daniel Lewis, owner of Green Peridot salon in Frisco, is not only accomplished in style and beauty, but was also voted a National Fan Favorite from his days as “Daniel from Dallas” on the popular reality show.  And it isn’t just the show that brings Daniel acclaim;  He’s also the youngest salon owner to exceed $1M in revenue, with Green Peridot earning designation as an Aveda Lifestyle Salon. Overachiever you say? Yes, but a resume isn’t everything.  It’s the beaming smiles of clients who regularly get trimmed, colored, blown-out, and coiffed that really tout Mr. Lewis’ talents.  

Green Peridot offers the standard services of colors, cuts, styling, and texture, but one thing that catches the eye when checking out the salon is the amazingly helpful website.  Men’s hair tips from Daniel are helpful reminders (especially for those men who still haven’t figured out a bar of soap doesn’t count as “shampoo”,) and the site also allows you to share a Wish List of your favorite products or services with your friends and family via a simple e-form. (Who doesn’t want to open gifts full of Aveda products?) 

Giving back to the community that loves and supports him is another way Daniel continues to make friends everywhere he goes. The Boys & Girls Club of Collin County?, DIFFA, and the Silver Dollar Ball are just a few of the philanthropic endeavors he has taken on. The 30+ stylists at Green Peridot help assist him in tackling the glamorous job of making metroplex men and women look their best, and he couldn’t be more pleased.  Celebrity status? Check. Active salon? Check. Shear talent? Check. Daniel Lewis officially has as many hearts as he does heads.

Green Peridot

6959 Lebanon Road #105

Frisco, TX 75034

(469) 362-7980?


Leave It To a Pro: Twin Couture

Posted by    |    May 10th, 2011 at 8:44 pm

Having your make-up done professionally can be intimidating and uncomfortable if you aren’t using someone who knows how to make you look like a more beautiful version of…well, you.  Once in a while, you stumble upon a gem of an artist who can do it all: hair, make-up, and sweet as they are talented.  Jessica Witt of Twin Couture is all those things and more.  She’s also an actual twin, hence the clever name. A resident make-up artist/hair stylist for a bustling local production studio, Jessica also specializes in beautiful wedding day make-up and fashion shoots.  Though many make-up artists train in make-up and hair only, Jessica has the added benefit of a Fine Arts degree from Texas Christian University to enhance her skill set.  She treats each face like a blank canvas, and carefully considers what she can do to create a more glamorous (but not over-done,) version of you.  Besides taking into consideration what you want and how you feel about your look, Jessica is just about the nicest person you’ll ever meet.  (Fun fact for all the animal lovers-she also designs doggy couture. Her tutus for small dogs will make you squeal.) Her Southern hospitality and bubbly personality will put anyone at ease before they have to appear on camera….or at the altar. 

To see more of Jessica Witt’s artistry and pricing, check out this link.



Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts

Posted by    |    May 5th, 2011 at 4:11 pm

Buying gifts for the trendy Mom who probably has everything and doesn’t need any additional handmade lanyards or paperweights can be tough.  Here are a few cute ideas to grab at the last minute for the woman who can practically read your mind and has eyes in the back of her head…but still manages to look effortlessly chic.

All right, this first idea might not be “stylish”, but it’s delicious.  Everyone Luvs Chocolate is a little piece of Heaven located in La Jolla, CA.  They ship anywhere, so if Mom loves a sweet treat (like chocolate-dipped Mrs. Fields cookies), this place is the crème de la crème of yummy gift baskets. ?  Heck, they even have chocolate covered bacon.

Foodie Moms need to look glam in the kitchen; so Lisa Garza‘s line of sexy aprons called Couture Caviar are the way to go. Debuting at Neiman Marcus just last month, you can pick one up at Garza’s Taste Studio as well. They might be a little pricey for some, but they are a gift Mom will use year after year.

Moms who want to look their best need a killer cosmetics bag and functional cosmetic brushes.  Tory Burch makes a peacock dandy of a case (the Brigette) that is wonderfully priced at $65, and Sephora’s Advanced Airbrush set is the perfect size for travel or carrying in said cosmetics case.

If Mom is always late and needs punctuality pressure, why not help her do so in style with a Michael Kors Acrylic Watch in Clear.  It will go with everything, and she won’t ever have to wonder if she’s running behind.

If funds are tight this year, a fun gift idea is a whimsical Mother’s Day card with a bottle or two of the new OPI Spring Collection of nail polishes that are inspired by the Lone Star State of Texas! She’ll love colors like San Tan-Tonio (a honey colored tan,) or Big Hair…Big Nails (a rosy pink). Her mani will have never looked so down-home darling.

Happy Mother’s Day to the stylish Mommies we can’t do without!