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TCU 2011 Preview: Offense

Posted by    |    August 29th, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Gary Patterson told that the way to have a good defense is to have a good offense.  No joke– the guru of defense gurus in college said,

“The biggest stat for me, as long as you are not giving up big plays, is the amount of plays that you are on the field. We have averaged less than 60 plays. … It is more of a team concept. … you have to be able to control the football and get people off the field. I have always felt like if you play a 60-play game and 30 of those plays you had a better call than what the offense did, then you are limiting them to 30 plays to be able to score and do things. The less time they spend on the field, the better.”

Sounds simple, when Andy Dalton, Jake Kirkpatrick, Marcus Cannon, Jeremy Kerley, and Jimmy Young are all on the field.  But with a new crew taking the reins, will TCU still be able control the football? (more…)

TCU 2011 Outlook– Rushing Attack

Posted by    |    June 7th, 2011 at 9:31 pm

TCU 2011 Outlook- Rushing AttackTCU replaces all four of these four of these starting linemen for 2011: Cannon (61), Kirkpatrick (76), Vernon (78), and Roth (70). 

Aside from the obvious replacement issues that face the Frog offense at quarterback and wide receiver, perhaps the most pressing part of the present rebuild is on the offensive line.  Starters gone are Rimington winner Jake Kirkpatrick at center, draftee and cancer-survivor Marcus Cannon at left tackle, stalwart Josh Vernon at right guard, and one-year wonder Zach Roth at right tackle.  These seniors take 97 starts with them into the record books. (more…)

2010 Mountain West Retrospective: Peaks

Posted by    |    February 8th, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Peaks has to be plural, because in the conference, Utah beat ‘em all too, except TCU.  Both teams featured game-changing return men (Smithson and Kerley were first and second in the conference, first and 15th nationally in punt returns) and entered the season favorites to win the conference and challenge for the non-cartel autobid to the BCS.  Both teams expected to rely on multi-pronged rushing attacks to compliment their potent air attacks.  The Utes’ Asiata-Wide thunder-lightning ground game did not disappoint, averaging 25 carries for over 118 yards a game for the first eight games.  TCU’s Tucker-Wesley-James-Dalton rushing game was dominant, averaging 40 carries for over 240 yards a game for the first nine games (James didn’t play in two games, and TCU had no bye before the trip to Utah). (more…)

TCU 40, San Diego State 35

Posted by    |    November 15th, 2010 at 10:29 am

For five and a half minutes, Frog fans (46,694 of ‘em) wondered if the occasional ghastly prediction of a post-Utah letdown wasn’t so far-fetched after all.   At the 9:16 mark, TCU had managed -13 yards of offense, and were already 14 points behind the surging Aztecs.  But the tide already had turned, however imperceptibly. 

Between SDSU’s first drive and TCU’s fumble in the endzone for a second SDSU touchdown, the Frogs had held the Aztecs to three-and-out.  The Frogs held SDSU to three-and-out in the next six SDSU drives as well.  The Aztecs did not get their second first down until two minutes remained in the fourth quarter; by then, the Frogs had scored 37 points.  SDSU capitalized when TCU let off the gas a little, throwing two 30+ yard touchdowns to Vincent Brown in the fourth quarter.  But it was too little, too late.  (more…)

TCU shuts out Wyoming

Posted by    |    October 10th, 2010 at 3:45 pm

Ed Wesley poses (drawing a flag) in the endzone after scoring a touchdown against Wyoming. (Photo: Keith Robinson)

The Frogs picked a good week to shut out a foe and capitalize on a loss ahead of them in the polls. The win tells little about TCU, however, as Wyoming is a woefully undermanned squad (only 67 ‘Pokes are on scholarship) and was playing without its best playmaker, quarterback Austin Carta-Samuels. Basically this was a bodybag game, conference affiliations notwithstanding. (more…)