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Mack Brown Press Conference Part I: 2013 State of The Program

Posted by    |    June 3rd, 2013 at 8:35 pm


Coach Brown addressed the media on Monday afternoon. Part I of II. As always, many thanks to the people at who make these transcripts available.


From Brown’s opening statement.

We had a long discussion after spring practice about what the month leading up to the June workouts would mean. [Assistant head coach/offensive line coach] Stacy Searels and [defensive tackles coach] Bo Davis both wanted more strength and bulk up front, so we had [assistant AD for strength and conditioning] Jeff [Madden] work with them on their strength and bulk through the latter part of April and through the first part of May before they had their discretionary period, and felt like we got a lot of strength. We feel like the guys are going to look good going into summer. Some will still be lifting obviously, but a lot of [training] will be running to include the up-tempo pace that we will have when we start the fall. We thought that’s very important.


DeLoss Dodds: Presumed Competent.

Posted by    |    April 22nd, 2013 at 1:08 pm


There was an extraordinary article in the SA Express News from Mike Finger that offered clarity with respect to what DeLoss Dodds is doing to shore up a struggling Texas athletics program.


Dodds said he hasn’t summoned Mack Brown or Rick Barnes to his office for any ultimatums. He hasn’t told them they’d better show improvement this year or be gone.

Why not?

He simply presumes it will be fixed.

Oh. I see. Presumed competent. That six weeks Dodds spent at the Secrets of Somali Management Techniques Symposia was well spent.

“I don’t tell coaches what they have to do,” Dodds said. “Mack Brown knows what he has to do. Rick Barnes knows what he has to do.”


Thoughts on the Spring Game

Posted by    |    April 6th, 2013 at 12:10 pm


For all the gut punches Mack Brown has taken of late, most of them well deserved, he landed two counterpunches of his own by hosting a Sophomore Day for the super crunko talented 2015 class, and then moving the spring game to the Saturday the Texas relays ended. Perhaps this is the work of Bama wunderkid Patrick Suddes. I’d like to think so, but let’s just give Mack credit for something, shall we? It’s been awhile. We’re friends again!

This year’s Orange & White game yielded a much bigger, more … vibrant (?) crowd, cleverly drawing kids that were already here for track, hanging out at Highland Mall, or loitering on 6th Steet, but could also conveniently drop in on a football practice. I didn’t get to see the game in person because I was dodging oil & gas semitrucks frackin their asses at 100 mph down route 80 on my way to the vibrant metropolis of Beeville, TX. Turning a naval base into a prison is never a good thing. beowulf would thrive there.


Introducing Motivated Mack. Now featuring realistic predictions!

Posted by    |    April 3rd, 2013 at 11:37 am


It’s spring time. The days grow longer, flowers bloom, and Texas fans celebrate the annual rebirth of their coach and savior, Mack Browntexasfootball. Rejoice, Longhorns! Motivated Mack is back.

Mack Brown was exiting his Texas office just past midnight Sunday, after a spring football scrimmage and entertaining sophomore visitors, when his cellphone rang.

“I’m still here, just leaving,” Brown told his wife Sally.

“Oh, so you’re excited about your job now,” his wife teased.

Hahaha! Mack Brown “excited” about his job. That’s a good one, Sally!


2013 Texas Spring Game Press Conference

Posted by    |    April 1st, 2013 at 3:43 pm


I couldn’t watch the Spring game and after reading reports, I’m not sure I missed much beyond the standard slaughter of 1s on 3s and walk ons, but I was intrigued by some of the post-game comments and what they could mean for next year.

Let’s wade in….

Mack Brown

We’re going to try to be snapping the ball every 15 seconds. So that’s something we need to continue to do.

Cool. But that better cohere with this:

And I think we’re better on defense.

Or else we’re in for an underachieving year – even in a Big 12 where OU will field its weakest squad since 2007 (when they won the Big 12, anyway). Think about how bad last year’s defense was when they were being relatively protected by the offense. Now add 10-12 extra plays from scrimmage.