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Wyoming 2011 Outlook

Posted by    |    May 16th, 2011 at 10:52 am

Wyoming 2011 OutlookTrue freshman Brett Smith is challenging redshirt Emory Miller, Jr., for the leadership of Wyoming’s spread offense in 2011. (Photo: Tim Kupsick/Caspar Star-Tribune)

Dave Christensen’s recasting of the Wyoming Cowboys has not progressed according to schedule.  Yes, they went bowling in their first year, but that success is looking a lot more attributable to the Cowboy defense, which deteriorated markedly in Christensen’s second year.  Offensively, the Cowboys relied more on the run in 2009.  But short passing is what made Christensen valuable, and in his second year, he tried it more, and it didn’t work well enough to give the defense any room for error.  In ’09, Wyoming attempted 410 passes, completing about 55% of those.  In ’10, the Cowboys attempted only 289 passes, about 60% completed.  In both seasons they got 3.6 yards per carry, but carried the ball about 260 less times in 2010.  (more…)