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Lamar Odom and Commitment

Posted by    |    April 23rd, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Commitment is more than just deciding to do something; it is also about following through with that decision.  Lamar Odom is an example of someone who needs to rethink his commitments.  When he became a professional basketball player he made a commitment to his team and his fans to give the best he could each and every game.

The fans and the franchises depend on their players to perform at the level at which they were recruited or drafted. Excluding injuries, this is usually a fair expectation.

When one player begins to allow outside influences to affect their performance, their true commitment to the game is tested. In this case, it is clear that Odom allowed outside influences and/or his personal agenda to cloud his judgment and commitment to the game. (more…)

This Weekend in Dallas Sports: In Cowboys We Trust

Posted by    |    December 19th, 2011 at 5:19 pm

As YouPlusDallas’ new sports blogger, I figure that a how bout’ them Cowboys? (trust me, I used my best Texan accent), is a good way to kick things off. I know the ‘Boys have caused people to grow a lot of unwanted white hairs this season, but Saturday night’s romp 31-15 over Tampa Bay proved to be a good bounce back game after last week’s inexcusable loss to the Giants. Yes people, I am aware that the Buccaneers made things just a tad interesting outscoring Dallas 15-3 in the second half, but their was no way the Cowboys were losing this one, plus it’s time to smile! The Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East now and they looked pretty darn good in the first half.

Tony Romo absolutely tore apart the Buccaneers defense, throwing three touchdowns to three different receivers en-route to a 28-0 halftime lead. Miles Austin scored for the second week in a row after recovering from a hamstring injury. Austin has been battling hamstring problems all season, but it looks like he’s healthy enough to give Dallas that little push they need to win the division and maybe even make a nice little run in the playoffs. The emergence of Laurent Robinson as a redzone threat and very nice No. 3 option will also help. And let’s hear it for Felix Jones! It’s funny how when players get benched, they realize it’s time shift gears, and that’s exactly what Jones has done. Jones never really took back his starting spot after DeMarco Murray broke out, but he got his chance last night and put up over 100 yards rushing for the second week in a row. With Murray out for the rest of the season, it’s time to trust Felix…… or hope Sammy Morris has found the fountain of youth.  (more…)

9/17 Super Saturday Big Games

Posted by    |    September 17th, 2011 at 5:30 am

Two big night games tonight, OU/FSU and Miami vs Ohio State. Texas at UCLA at 2:30. TCU plays at 1. A&M plays Idaho on pay-per-view tonight.Morning games include Auburn/Clemson, Penn St./Temple, Pitt/Iowa and WVU/ Maryland.

I’m picking OU by two touchdowns. Florida State has all the hype but Landry Jones is a killing machine. They’ll get worn out chasing Ryan Broyles and then quit. Ohio State by ten. Texas by 3, another late comeback win. Should be interesting to see how the McCoy/Ash scenario plays out. Way more interesting than watching Garrett Gilbert that’s for sure.

Newcastle/Aston Villa play in the morning on FSC followed by Kaiserslauten/FC Mainz 05 at noon on GolTV. Inter and Roma sqaure off at 1:30 on FSC. ManU vs Chelsea will be televised on Fox at 1 before the Cowboy game.

I’ll comment on any notable happenings tomorrow until after the Texas game then I have to go to work.

2011 Super Bowl XLV Best & Worst Commercials

Posted by    |    February 7th, 2011 at 7:35 pm

The good thing about the Super Bowl is that if you do not possess the ability to define what a “down” is without consulting Google, there’s always a commercial or two to keep you entertained. What did you think about the spots this year? Did mini-Darth Vader make you chuckle? Did Doritos make you roll your eyes? Watch this years’ best & worst Super Bowl ads and let us know.

Original video by Fox Sports

TX/OU or Bust? I, for one, choose bust.

Posted by    |    October 5th, 2010 at 4:05 pm

I’ve always felt a little left out during TX/OU weekend. My sister went to Texas, and she always weasels her way into a ticket. Not only did I not attend UT, I went to Vanderbilt, where football isn’t an amenity, it’s more of a curse. Thus, every year that TX/OU rolls around, I think, “this is my opportunity to see what it’s all about.” It usually ends up in the following though: going out on Friday, not feeling so hot on Saturday morning, and not making it anywhere other than the living room of my house.