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Football Outsiders: 2013 Texas Longhorns Will Win Big 12

Posted by    |    May 2nd, 2013 at 2:40 pm


The number crunchers at the Football Outsiders confirm what my more subjective analysis bears out – Texas should be the clear favorite for the 2013 Big 12 title.

The deeper dive is hidden behind a pay wall, but the Football Outsiders ran 1,000 simulated seasons with returning starters, program talent, cumulative game experience, schedule and other objective data mixed up with special statistical sauce and spat out a 39% likelihood that Texas wins the league with a standard W/L range regular season record somewhere between 8-4 and 12-0. A 39% likelihood may sound modest, but in a 10 team league, it’s actually a powerful endorsement. Not to mention the fact that in the new world order of the Big 12, co-champions are possible.

The 2013 Longhorns not only return the most starters in a denuded conference landscape, but they also have over 400+ cumulative game starts – placing them 2nd in all of college football in overall experience. And that experience is inordinately housed in positions where seniority tends to pay big dividends. If Mack mentions our youth in his pre-season conference, please try not to bite your television remote. He’s just on auto-play.


Texas Baseball Swept By Baylor Bears, Now Dead Last In Big 12

Posted by    |    April 29th, 2013 at 11:21 am


The hits keep coming for Texas athletics baseball. Well, figuratively. Actual hits are a rarity.

The Horns lost 6-2, 1-0, 5-2 to Baylor over the weekend, scoring a total of four runs over three games, and wasting good pitching before Baylor’s strong Game 3 at the plate.

The Longhorns have now lost three Big 12 games 1-0 this season.

The Horns, currently 22-20, and 5-13 in conference play, are dead last in the league, a full game behind Texas Tech. Texas Tech holds the crucial tie-breaker though. It’s really coming down to the wire!


Texas Baseball Loses Yet Another Big 12 Series

Posted by    |    April 22nd, 2013 at 12:10 am


The Longhorns (21-17, 5-10 Big 12) lost 2 of 3 to West Virginia over the weekend, making the Horns 0 for 5 in Big 12 series this season. In other news, it appears that West Virginia actually fields a baseball team.

And Texas is in last place in the Big 12:

Big 12 Pct Streak Overall Pct Streak
Oklahoma 8-4 .667 L1 31-10 .756 W3
Kansas 9-6 .600 L1 24-15 .615 L1
Kansas State 7-5 .583 W1 28-13 .683 W1
Baylor 8-6 .571 L2 20-20 .500 L2
Oklahoma State 7-7 .500 L1 27-11 .711 L1
West Virginia 6-6 .500 W1 23-18 .562 W1
TCU 7-8 .467 W2 19-21 .475 W2
Texas 5-10 .333 L1 21-17 .553 L1
Texas Tech 5-10 .333 W1 18-22 .450 W1

The magic number for Texas baseball continues to be 3. When the Horns manage >3 runs – not the most herculean task in the college game – they’re a 15-2 ball club – which is pretty goddamn good, and that’s testament to a very strong Texas pitching staff…

…that’s being completely wasted.


2013 Big 12 Football Predictions: Blinding The Resumes

Posted by    |    April 2nd, 2013 at 1:52 pm


While it’s easy to focus on every college football team’s individual micro-issues – and as fans, we tend towards hyper-focus – big, broad meta-analysis can be useful to maintain the proper perspective.

Generally speaking, decent college football teams that return a lot of starters, their QB, all relevant skill players, their OL, and large numbers on defense tend to get much, much better in the following year. And teams with massive losses in same tend to see a decline.

To that end: If we blind the Big 12′s 2013 football personnel resumes, which teams stand out? Who looks poised for a rise? Or a fall? Forget about our prejudices, assumptions, ideas about coaching staff quality, schedule – what does dispassionate football inference tell us? Scan these profiles and make some assumptions.

Listed in order of 2012 Big 12 finish…


Big 12 Basketball Tournament Semifinals: And Then There Were Four

Posted by    |    March 15th, 2013 at 2:00 pm


#1 Kansas Jayhawks vs. #5 Iowa St. Cyclones

Iowa St. fans are salivating over a perceived revenge game against Kansas. The Cyclones lost both regular season games in overtime. The first, played in Lawrence, saw a Ben McLemore freak 3 bank off the glass to send the game in extra minutes. In the second tilt, Elijah Johnson scored 8 points in the final 0:32 of regulation to tie it up, then scored 12 more in OT (including an emphatic “nail in the coffin” dunk) en route to a career-high 39 points.