B1G East Coast Expansion: Big Ten Adds Johns Hopkins Lacrosse and the Pinstripe Bowl

Posted by    |    June 3rd, 2013 at 5:26 pm

The Big Ten continues the march to increase its presence on the East Coast by adding Johns Hopkins men’s lacrosse as the conference’s first-ever affiliate member and the Pinstripe Bowl based at Yankee Stadium in New York City as a bowl tie-in. These moves aren’t necessarily earth-shattering in the way that the expansion with Maryland and Rutgers was back in November, but they show how Jim Delany and the Big Ten’s university presidents are aiming to make the league as much of an East Coast conference as it is a Midwestern conference.

As far as men’s lacrosse programs go, Johns Hopkins is considered to be the gold standard with more national championships than any other school and clung onto independence in the same way that Notre Dame continues to do so for football.* At the same time, the Big Ten has long had the stance that schools with either “all in” or “all out” (hence the hardline resistance to ever offer schools like Notre Dame any non-football membership). So, it was a bit of a surprise when news broke a few months ago that the Big Ten and JHU were exploring an affiliate relationship. Johns Hopkins then formed a Blue Ribbon Committee that ultimately recommended that the men’s lacrosse team should join a conference last month in a fascinating report. Among the requirements that JHU deemed to be important were an initial membership period of 5 years and that the school could maintain its current TV contract with ESPNU. A number of Big Ten observers thought that the latter TV rights item would be an obstacle on paper (since increasing the inventory of desirable non-football/basketball programming has been a primary goal of the Big Ten Network), but that was assuaged by the fact that Johns Hopkins would not receive any conference revenue (which would make any potential complications as to how an affiliate member would partake in the BTN money trough moot).


T-Shirt Magnate Plots Young Coach’s Takeover of Media Universe

Posted by    |    March 4th, 2013 at 2:29 pm


Leaked email reveals Kliff Kingsbury to star in a new production by Steven Spielberg! No? Um, would you believe a T-shirt campaign by Stephen Spiegelberg? Yes, really:

Joe [Parker, deputy athletics director, Texas Tech] – Thanks again for lunch. Great to hear how much success you are having. Recap: Redesign masked rider logo- More nod to the Spanish heritage of Llano Estacado. Think the six flags and the image of a masked rider. I suggest you consider allow a test on how the logo works from a design element stand point.


Clay Matthews interview on The Dan Patrick Show

Posted by    |    February 1st, 2013 at 5:30 pm

According to Clay Matthews he’ll be spending the SuperBowl eating and drinking by himself, aw poor guy. Watch as Matthews talks about what it’ll take to stop the 49ners and some important decisions The Green Bay Packers are going to have to make in the off season. Respond to some of Mathews opinions and others on the Dan Patrick Box Score.

Dan Patrick Interviews Adrian Peterson

Posted by    |    January 31st, 2013 at 2:33 pm

Dan Patrick and the Danettes are having a great time in New Orleans interviewing all of the great athletes and some stars who are in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.  Adrien Peterson dropped by to see Dan Patrick and among other things, they talked about his expectations for receiving the Most Valuable Player, his recuperation from a very serious injury, losing the Heisman to Matt Leinart, and alot of other fun topics.

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Lance Armstrong: Is Confession Good For The Soul?

Posted by    |    January 15th, 2013 at 2:44 pm


Thanks to Opra Winfrey, the obvious becomes official this week. Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah to using performing enhancing drugs while capturing seven consecutive Tour de France titles.

The conversation took place in a downtown Austin hotel on Monday and will be shown on Thursday and Friday on Oprah’s channel — the OWN Network. Oprah went on CBS Tuesday morning and said that she was both riveted and mesmerized during the interview, stating that Armstrong “certainly had prepared himself for this moment” and that he “met the moment.”

The interview is no doubt the first step of a PR campaign to try and re-polish the Texan’s image, and it was an obvious venue – it’s either Oprah’s couch or 60 minutes for this kind of thing, and 60 minutes probably was ruled out since they have actively investigated Armstrong’s drug use.