Shane Buechele has some skills

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According to the Manning Dynasty

QB1 has been busy of late. He spent the weekend in Louisiana avoiding The Yellow King and Carcosa while impressing the staff at the Manning Passing Academy. So impressive was Buechele, he picked up the staff challenge.

Way to represent the burnt orange and white @BGShaneBuechele. #1-0 #ThisIsTexas

— Coach Tom Herman (@CoachTomHerman) June 26, 2017

Maybe that shouldn’t be all that surprising:

‪It’s @bgshanebuechele v @mdcksn, who you got? #ThisIsTexas #HookEm ‬

A post shared by Texas Football (@texasfootball) on Jun 26, 2017 at 7:31am PDT

Seems like a great kid who is a very good football player.

Offensive Tackle Brandon Hodges Will Transfer

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Hodges was projected to start at right tackle, but he was reportedly done in by grades. Eric Nahlin at Inside Texas alluded this news coming a couple of days ago. That leaves a battle between Tristan Nickelson and Denzel Okafor for the starting gig. Nickelson has intriguing size and frame and is a hard worker, but has shown some difficulty with his feet and getting a push at the point of attack. Okafor is just really raw and still learning the trade. He has great feet and arms long enough to allow him to play outside, despite a 6-3 frame.

Some interesting Vegas NFL rookie prop bets: Myles Garrett, Christian McCaffrey, Leonard Fournette

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Here they are:

Myles Garrett sack total during 2017-18 NFL regular season

Over 6 Under 6

Number of starts Mitchell Trubisky will make during 2017-18 NFL regular season

Over 1.5 Under 1.5

Number of starts Deshaun Watson will make during 2017-18 NFL regular season

Over 13.5 Under 13.5

Leonard Fournette total rushing yards during 2017-18 NFL regular season

Over 900.5 Under 900.5

Leonard Fournette total rushing touchdowns during 2017-18 NFL regular season

Over 6.5 Under 6.5

Christian McCaffrey total rushing/receiving yards during 2017-18 NFL regular season

Over 1000.5 Under 1000.5

Christian McCaffrey total rushing/receiving touchdowns during 2017-18 NFL regular season

Over 7 Under 7


I Garrett, Fournette and McCaffrey are really interesting.

McCaffrey is going to get catch 70-90 balls for Carolina, but I’m not sure he’ll get more than 100 carries. So while he may have tremendous production from scrimmage (1000+ yards seems very possible) he’s not going to have a lot of scoring chances. That six is dangled out there as an achievable number, but it’s a TRAP. The 1,000 total seems more achievable. The ballsy middle play is to bet the over on yardage and the under on touchdowns.

Garrett will be on an underrated Cleveland DL. So six sacks seems achievable, if not probable. The problem is that if the Cleveland offense is bad again, they’re going to play from behind a lot. That’s not conducive to getting pass rush opportunities. Another TRAP.