Lance Stephenson is back in the playoffs and so is his flopping

Posted by    |    April 20th, 2017 at 8:11 pm

Born Ready is always down for a bit of exaggeration.

Lance Stephenson signed with the Indiana Pacers with six games left in the regular season, and we’re so glad he did. All of Stephenson’s quirks are back — his occasional mini-takeovers, his teammates telling him to chill out a little, how he holds the ball with one hand away from his body while waiting for a play to develop. And, yes, the flopping.

The play went uncalled, so Stephenson’s efforts were all for naught. But trust us, it has worked in the past. Here’s my favorite, where he basically pretends to fall asleep on the floor (and that one DID work!).

I’m eagerly looking forward to — hang on, checking the score to see whether Cleveland’s got this comeback or not — let’s say two more games of Stephenson shamelessly flopping! When someone does it as blatantly as him, I’m not even mad. It becomes performance art.