Wake Up, College Basketball mourns most of the ACC

Posted by    |    March 20th, 2017 at 11:01 am

Gone too soon, Seminoles/Blue Devils/Fighting Irish/Hurricanes/hoo boy this list is pretty long.

The first four days of the NCAA tournament are over. You can exhale; you made it. So did Dan and Tyler, and like true champions, they’re focusing on what’s next and not getting bogged down in the past. (OK, they get a little bogged down.)

• How did Michigan and North Carolina’s performances in the Round of 32 affect their tournament ceilings?

• What does Kansas assistant coach Norm Roberts have in mind for defending Purdue star Caleb Swanigan, and how will it affect the somewhat thin Jayhawk frontcourt?

• Which top five remaining offense – UCLA, Kansas, Gonzaga, Michigan, North Carolina (per schedule adjusted rating) – could be in for a Sweet 16 letdown?

• On that same note, which top five remaining defense – Gonzaga, Florida, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky (also per schedule adjusted rating, deal with it) – may struggle with an upcoming matchup?

• How have frontcourt players taken over the tournament traditionally known for guard play, and who specifically has stood out?

• Which possible Elite Eight matchup is most intriguing? Arizona-Gonzaga? Kentucky-North Carolina? Wisconsin-Duohhhhh right.

• With Notre Dame, Duke, Louisville, and Virginia emphatically crushing the ACC’s 2017 NCAA tournament reputation, what nice things can we say about the conference?