Golovkin vs. Jacobs live updates: Round-by-round results

Posted by    |    March 18th, 2017 at 9:21 pm

Gennady Golovkin and Danny Jacobs will face off in the main event of Saturday’s pay-per-view. We’ve got round-by-round coverage.

Carlos Cuadras vs. Daniel Carmona

Round 1: Carmona is very active in the opening round. He’s circling around Cuadras and landing from different angles, seeming to frustrate his favored opponent early. Carmona lands two very nice wide hooks with 20 seconds to go. The round comes to an end with Cuadras swinging a wild hook that lands nice. It was probably a Carmona round.

Round 2: Carmona starts the round out with more of his wild striking, but Cuadras starts bouncing back and landing his own counters. Cuadras stemmed Carmona’s striking early and started landing his own shots. His footwork is clearly on another level and the round comes to an end.

Round 3: Neither fighter made up much ground in this round. They settled into a feeling out process. Cuadras landed some nice shots but Carmona stayed active, and landed the higher volume of shots.

Round 4: Cuadras shoots from range, throwing some heavy straights that land throughout the round. Carmona keeps his hands up and is now taking a more measured approach. He’s looking for an opening, but every time he throws, Cuadras jumps out, then back in with a combo of his own. The round was definitely a Cuadras round.

Round 5: Carmona lands some nice counters as Cuadras picks up more and more pace, but ultimately, Cuadras lands the same rangey shots he was landing in earlier rounds. He continues to land the more accurate and hard shots, and likely takes another round.

Round 6: Cuadras gets caught by a big right hands while he was already off balance and stumbled a bit, but he got himself back on track. At this point, nobody is really running away with any rounds. Carmona could argue he won any of the last three or four rounds, but nobody is landing anything significant. The round comes to an end and was probably a Cuadras round thanks to a pair of heavy combos.

Round 7: Carmona lands a low blow on Cuadras 90 seconds into the round that causes the action to stop briefly. Carmona lands a huge right hand with 15 seconds to go and it staggers Cuadras, who ties up with Carmona for a brief break. It’s definitely a Carmona round.

Round 8: Carmona lands some big body shots early. Those body shots are really preventing Cuadras from getting anything done. He’s frustrating Cuadras with a varied attack and while Cuadras has bursts of heavy throws, he’s not really landing.

Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs are set to face off in the main event of of an HBO Boxing showdown in one of the biggest fights of the year. Golovkin and Jacobs headline a packed pay-per-view card from Madison Square Garden in New York.

The pay-per-view card will also feature super flyweight champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez as he takes on Srisaket Sor Rungvisai in the featured bout on the undercard. Carlos Cuadras will also take on Daniel Carmona, and if both Cuadras and Gonzalez get out with wins, it’s likely they’ll face eachother in a rematch of the fight that gave Gonzalez his title.

Finally, the pay-per-view undercard will open with a lightweight matchup between Ryan Martin and Bryant Cruz. During the fight, we’ll have round-by-round coverage of each match on the pay-per-view card. The current fight will live at the top of this article, and past fights and full results for the rest of the card will be below.

A live stream of the event can be found at RingTV.com while the card itself can be ordered via pay-per-view on television. Full results of the card can be found below:

Ryan Martin defeats Bryant Cruz via TKO in Round 8

Round 1: Martin is active early with his jabs, trying to land the left and test his range. Martin is consistently stepping forward and pushing Cruz back. Cruz is throwing a few shots here and there but Martin is controlling the pace and the positioning, which is big early on. With 40 seconds to go Martin gets Cruz against the ropes and starts teeing off. He lands a big left hand and throws a few body shots. Cruz has nowhere to go but Martin isn’t throwing heavy just yet. Cruz circles away and Martin lands a big left to the body, clearly taking the first of 10 rounds.

Round 2: Cruz comes out a little more aggressive in the second, trying to land and disrupt the momentum of Martin. But Martin continues throwing hard and seems unbothered by Cruz’s offense. Cruz does land a nice left hook followed by a straight but Martin continues a steady stream of offense. Martin is warned a second time to keep his punches up as some of his body shots strayed low. Martin closed the round with a few more strong shots and clearly took another one.

Round 3: Martin continues his high volume offense and 90 seconds into the round he gets Cruz up against the ropes again and begins teeing off. He’s unloading several hard shots to the head and body, really peppering Cruz up. Cruz, to his credit, lands some accurate shots in retaliation, but nothing to keep up with Martin’s volume. The round comes to an end, and it was clearly another Martin round.

Round 4: Cruz is much more active to start the fourth round, but Martin responds to his offense with harder body shots that push Cruz back. Cruz is doing a better job of getting in the pocket and throwing hard against the more range-y striker. But Martin continues to push him back and land the same shots he’s been landing all fight. Neither fighter looks tired or too damaged, but Cruz has taken more than Martin.

Round 5: Again, Cruz continues to throw more compared to previous rounds, but Martin is still throwing big. Martin stuns Cruz with two huge right hands and we have the first rocked fighter of the match. Martin wobbles him and follows up, but can’t get him knocked down. Cruz recovers by the time the round comes to an end.

Round 6: Martin continues to find Cruz’s head with open jabs and hooks. He’s throwing a bit more measured in the sixth, looking to stun his opponent as he did in the round previous. With 30 seconds to go Martin lands big again, sending Cruz’s head rocking backward, but he stays standing and gets out of the flurry.

Round 7: Cruz is examined by the doctor between rounds. He’s taken a lot of shots unanswered, but the seventh round gets underway. Cruz goes into turtle mode one minute into the round. Martin wants to get in and finish this fight, but Cruz gets out of it again. The round comes to an end with no real damage inflicted, but another Martin round.

Round 8: The referee steps in to the stop the fight not long into the eighth round as Martin gets Cruz pressed against the ropes again. Martin is teeing off big time, landing big and Cruz isn’t really making it competitive.

Gennady Golovkin vs. Danny Jacobs
Roman Gonzalez vs. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai
Carlos Cuadras vs. Daniel Carmona
Ryan Martin defeats Bryant Cruz via TKO in Round 8