NFL Draft 2017: Which player do mock drafts project each team to pick?

Posted by    |    February 16th, 2017 at 2:05 pm

Rounding up and compiling mock drafts to predict the 2017 NFL Draft.

Now that the 2016 NFL season is over, all eyes turn to the 2017 offseason. The big event is the NFL draft, scheduled for April 27-29 in Philadelphia.

The Cleveland Browns are at the top of the draft order following their 1-15 season, but they also have the No. 12 selection thanks to a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016. While there’s still plenty of time for players to climb up or slide down boards, Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is currently the heavy favorite to be Cleveland’s No. 1 pick.

By surveying as many mock drafts as possible, we can get a good idea of the directions experts expect most teams to go.

A few notes:

  • This will be updated consistently until draft day.
  • Players selected just once by a team are in the “others” category.
  • Mock drafts that include trades are not included.
  • With a lot of similar colors, I know some of the slices can be hard to tell apart (sorry, Raiders fans). Hover over or click on the chart and it’ll show the numbers and name for each individual slice. It also can be read like a clock with the names on the right representing the slices clockwise around the chart.
  • The No. 14 pick will be decided by a coin flip between the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles at the NFL Combine.
  • All the mock drafts used are listed at the bottom.

No. 1 Cleveland Browns

No. 2 San Francisco 49ers

No. 3 Chicago Bears

No. 4 Jacksonville Jaguars

No. 5 Tennessee Titans (via Rams)

No. 6 New York Jets

No. 7 Los Angeles Chargers

No. 8 Carolina Panthers

No. 9 Cincinnati Bengals

No. 10 Buffalo Bills

No. 11 New Orleans Saints

No. 12 Cleveland Browns (via Eagles)

No. 13 Arizona Cardinals

T-No. 14 Philadelphia Eagles (via Vikings)

T-No. 14 Indianapolis Colts

No. 16 Baltimore Ravens

No. 17 Washington

No. 18 Tennessee Titans

No. 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

No. 20 Denver Broncos

No. 21 Detroit Lions

No. 22 Miami Dolphins

No. 23 New York Giants

No. 24 Oakland Raiders

No. 25 Houston Texans

No. 26 Seattle Seahawks

No. 27 Kansas City Chiefs

No. 28 Dallas Cowboys

No. 29 Green Bay Packers

No. 30 Pittsburgh Steelers

No. 31 Atlanta Falcons

No. 32 New England Patriots

Mock drafts (31)

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