Boyfriend dresses as Dunkin Donuts mascot, proposes after his girlfriend drains a half-court shot

Posted by    |    February 16th, 2017 at 9:55 pm

Too bad it wasn’t a slam dunk.

Normally, I’m not here for sporting event proposals. After this video … I’m not entirely sure I’ve changed my mind, but it was certainly more interesting than any others I’ve ever seen.

UNREAL @SportsCenter TOP 10. And she made it @TWCNewsAlbany

— Marisa Jacques (@MJacquesTWCNews) February 17, 2017

This woman, Erin Tobin, according to a local news report, was called for a half-court shot contest. She made it, which is impressive on its own. But then, you can see the Dunkin Donuts coffee mascot get on one knee.

At first, I thought Cuppie (yes that’s really its name, look it up) was presenting her the prize for making the shot in the same position as one would propose. As it turns out, Tobin’s boyfriend was hidden inside the coffee mascot and was the one doing the proposing. So yes, the proposal was real and not just a prize.

It made me wonder, though — since he wore the costume to propose, was this a sponsored proposal? Did Dunkin help out with the ring? Are they going to provide delicious donuts and hot coffee at the wedding reception? These are the questions that need answers.

Also, congrats to Erin Tobin on making that great shot!!

(And on her impending nuptials, I guess.)