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Brandin Cooks Back Shoulder Catch New Orleans Saints

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Should be a nice addition for the Saints.

Not So Fast – Starting Senior Safety Josh Turner Remains With Team

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Josh Turner is still with the team after a Monday meeting with Strong.

Did Josh Turner convince Charlie Strong that he can walk the line for his final season in Austin?  The senior safety was slated to start, but he found himself afoul of Strong’s new culture for unspecified violation(s) and was reported to be dismissed.  Pending Monday’s appeal, that may no longer be the case.

Multiple media outlets are now reporting that Josh Turner remains with the team.

However Turner hadn’t apparently had the chance to meet with Strong and on Wednesday, reported that Turner was still part of the team.

“He’s grateful to be part of the program, to have the opportunity to finish his degree. He’s close to getting his degree and he’s very happy about that,” Kevin Cox, a former high school football coach of Turner’s told Orangebloods. “He’s excited about having the chance to better himself as a person and a student.

“He’s still on the team and he’s very thankful that things turned out the way they have.”

Whether Turner returns in good enough graces to practice immediately or re-earn his starting position remains to be seen.

Just Win in San Antonio Baby!

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The Oakland Raiders are looking to move and the Alamo City is on their list.

Mark Davis, son of Al and current owner of the Oakland Raiders was in San Antonio recently to look things over and see about possibly moving the NFL team to Texas.

Davis met with city big wigs including Mayor Julian Castro, City Manager Sheryl Sculley and Henry Cisneros. The Raiders lease in Oakland is up after the 2015 season, and San Antonio has a stadium (the Alamodome) with only USTA and the Alamo Bowl as football tenants.

Davis reportedly told San Antonio officials that he would expect a new stadium built by the city in a few years, but that he wanted something “more intimate” than Jerry World up in Arlington.

There are of course stumbling blocks all around to making such a deal. To begin with, the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans would not be pleased with a third NFL team in the state, especially one that would take over the lucrative Austin-San Antonio corridor. The Raiders would need 24 of the 32 current franchises to vote for the move, and considering that San Antonio is the 37th TV market in the nation, and Los Angeles still doesn’t have an NFL franchise, winning that vote seems unlikely.

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block of all would be that Mark Davis wants a statue of his father,  Al in front of any new stadium.


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Awful, trending bangs reveal a rift in Longhorn allegiances

Since being ignominiously pushed into an unwelcome but well-funded retirement, Mack Brown has seemed to settle comfortably into his new role of kindly, somewhat whisky-addled grandfather on Twitter. But as his first season out of the headset approaches, there have been signs of a growing wistfulness in his tone. His emotional state reached a nadir in the early hours of Monday morning, presumably more than a few pours into the good stuff.


There have, of course, been whispers of a divide in allegiances, as many inside the program still harbor appreciable loyalty to Mack. Those whispers became a ringing screech of hashtagtivism when kicker Nick Rose ravaged his luxurious mane with various powered lawn tools in a show of support for the coach who recruited him.


This caused somewhat of a stir.








Las Vegas Odds: Betting on the 2014 Big 12 Football Champion

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Bovada speaks…

Bovada put out their lines handicapping the 2014 Big 12 champion.

NCAA Football 2014-2015 Season – Odds to win the Big 12 Championship

Oklahoma                                 2/3
Baylor                                      11/4
Texas                                        7/1
Kansas State                            10/1
Oklahoma State                        10/1
TCU                                          14/1
Texas Tech                               28/1
West Virginia                             66/1
Iowa State                                100/1
Kansas                                     100/1


None of these bets represent good value – the category almost never does – but in the best of the least category, Kansas State and Baylor are interesting if you don’t want to go all in on OU.

Oklahoma State is a sucker’s bet and should come with a giant WARNING sign attached. They’re counting on the football public going by the Cowboys’ half decade run of quality without looking at the depth of devastation they underwent on defense.  We break this down explicitly in Thinking Texas Football in our Big 12 preview section and opponent previews.  Mike Gundy will turn in a very solid coaching job if he gets them to a minor bowl game. They’re not in title contention.  Certainly not 10:1.  Trust me on that one.

Texas Tech could be a fun Kliff Kingsbury Krazy bet, but it’s hard to invest much trust in a team that hasn’t played defense since 2009.

Texas 7:1 certainly targets the public bet.

Love to hear your thoughts…