Manny, Look Out!

Posted by    |    October 12th, 2012 at 1:07 am


Sometimes, you may find yourself on a leisurely weekend drive, absentmindedly winding your way down pleasant and familiar lanes, eventually arriving at your destination without incident or grievous bodily harm.

Other times, you are roused from your pleasant distraction by the unfortunate realization that, holy shit, there is a burning couch impeding your path, and you gave the wheel to the anthropomorphic housecat for some reason, and housecats are generally known to be terrible drivers under even the most ideal of conditions, much less when there is blazing furniture in the roadway, and oh %#$@ look out we’re all going to die.

Last Saturday was one of those times.


Now let’s move on to the very serious business of climbing up from this ravine of crushing disappointment, so that we might find a tiny, ridiculous covered wagon to push back over the edge.