Definitely For Mature Audiences: KSWISS Commercial

Posted by    |    June 26th, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Do not watch this if you are easily offended.

As content marketers, we push the creative boundaries to make content that will tell our client’s stories well enough that audiences will watch the video to completion.  In the case of KSwiss, creative freedom clashes with taste as this “commercial” uses the F-word multiple times in order to sell a new line of shoes called K-Swiss Tubes.

What some call “advertising gold”, others might call vulgar.  So here we have an exceptionally controversial commercial that is going to work because men 18-54 are going to watch the character in the advertisement – Kenny Powers.  Did they cross the line?  What do you think?

This information was taken directly from Wired.  “The show is about a delusional, egomaniac ex-baseball player who is forced into retirement but thinks he can make a comeback. He’s rude, he’s oblivious to those around him and their feelings and he’s just a giant doofus when it comes down to it. Kenny Powers might have made a good spokesperson when he was younger – but now? To enlist Kenny Powers now would be taking a huge risk. Unless of course it’s all scripted and the character is fictional.

In the video  Kenny Powers purchases 51% of K-Swiss stock and takes over the company, running it his way. This is a follow-up to the campaign started last year over at Funny or Die, when K-Swiss originally hired Kenny Powers as spokesperson. It’s profane, it’s aggressive and in your face. That’s what’s the most surprising about this ad campaign. Even with most viral ad campaigns, they still strive to keep the content to a rating that would pass on most commercial television. This one however quickly scraps that ideal, by Kenny Powers naming himself the “Mother F-cking CEO.” The concept is just SMART, taking a character and not making any changes to it. Instead of wondering if the character is too risque, or too not safe for work, the brains behind this ad campaign just said to themselves, “this character is awesome, so let’s let him be himself.” This could be the paradigm shift in advertising we didn’t know we were waiting for. The gloves are off.”


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