Trent Dilfer Has Colt McCoy’s Back

Posted by    |    April 28th, 2012 at 5:30 am


It was a case of dueling analysts today on ESPN radio when it came to the future of Colt McCoy in the NFL.

The NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi was on the Mike and Mike Show this morning as said of McCoy “I just don’t see him as a starting Quarterback in the NFL.” Check out the audio at the 1:46 mark.

Then later on the Scott Van Pelt Show, Trent Dilfer defended McCoy, saying I think that’s a foolish statement that Colt McCoy can’t play in the NFL, can’t start.” Check out the audio at :30 mark.

Dilfer made the obvious point that the entire Cleveland offense has been a dumpster fire for a generation.

“I think it’s really unjust to critique Colt McCoy based on his first two years of work when he’s had literally no help around him,” said Dilfer.

He added that he thought Brandon Weeden is a quality prospect and he has a stronger arm than Colt, but Dilfer also said that he considered arm strength to be an overrated quality in an NFL starter, and the Colt’s velocity was good enough for the league.

Dilfer reiterated that McCoy belongs in the NFL

“I truly believe..I’ll stick by this,” said Dilfer, “Colt McCoy at some point in his career is going to be a starter, and a very good one.”