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2011 Texas Longhorns – Rice Owls Game Preview

Posted by    |    August 31st, 2011 at 5:26 am

Texas will face an improved Rice football team from last year’s 4-8 squad. The Owls return almost all of their starters, have found their QB of the future, and feature an offense that’s an innovative tweak of the traditional spread option.


Imagine if the New England Patriot’s two TE offense had a baby with Chip Kelly. Now add humidity and a good SAT score. You’ve got David Bailiff’s 2011 Rice offense. The Owls run the spread with flexed tight ends and oversized wide receivers to win physical battles on the edge, use size and confusion to garner one-on-one match ups in the passing game, and move the chains by making physically superior defenders focus on responsibilities instead of chasing the ball. (more…)

2011 Texas Preview: We Have The Technology. We Can Rebuild It. Make It Stronger

Posted by    |    August 30th, 2011 at 5:30 am

The last year the Texas Longhorns finished with a record below .500 was 1997. The 4-7 final season of Coach John Mackovic included embarrassing losses to Rice, Baylor, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State; as well as the infamous 66-3 thrashing at home against UCLA. For many this was the darkest time in their Texas fandom.

Mack Brown was hired the following season and led the rebirth of the Texas juggernaut. The 1998 season saw the Horns go 8-3, capped by a Cotton Bowl victory and the Heisman trophy winning season of Ricky Williams.

Many Texas fans would like a return to the form of that 1998 season, a year after 2010 saw the Horns go 5-7, including embarrassing losses to Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State; as well as a 34-12 home thrashing to UCLA.  Seeing the type of one year turnaround made possible by a fresh start and new coaching perspectives, and also not wanting to be canned himself, Mack Brown went into action. (more…)

2011 Kansas State Football Preview: Wildcat State of the Union

Posted by    |    August 29th, 2011 at 10:55 pm

It’s a root canal. A busted powerball ticket. A foreclosed pawn shop. Broken railroad ties and flat soda pop. It’s Leaky air conditioners, all you can eat buffets. 20 degree darkness in the middle of the day. It’s a traveling circus stop, it’s a long way away. It’s the smaller brother. It’s cancer, it’s trouble. It’s a giant killer that eats shoe leather steak. It’s Black Magic baby and it can’t catch a break. ~ Anonymous / © BC Archives


Clearly the author was referring to a day in the life in Manhattan, Kansas.

Manhattan’s most famous attraction: Turtle Creek Dam. High Season.

If you’ve never been to this little paradise called the Little Apple, it’s hard to describe compared to some of our preferred getaways like the Costa Del Sol, Tenerife, or the Seychelles; places we’ve already taken you to in the Virtual Hot Tang Time Machine.

But Manhattan belongs in a completely different classification of destination, right along with Rwanda, Death Valley, Pyongyang, and Fallujah. You should instantly be wary of any place that you can buy a 5 BR, 3,500 square foot house for less than $200K. Or clothiers that only sell pants with elastic waist bands. And restaurants with only a buffet option. (more…)


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At long last– football season is upon us.  In mere days the Frogs travel to Waco to face the Bears in the last of a four-game series that begin in 2006.  Baylor is 0-3 so far in the series; below the jump is a position-by-position analysis of the 2011 Bears, including the Purple Wimple prediction for the game.

BAYLOR SET 55 OFFENSIVE school records last year, among them total offense (6,179 yards), passing yards (3,649), yards-per-rush (a very respectable 5.4) and total points (405).  Much of the machinery for that record-setting offense returns, giving it more than a leg up on the defense, which is not only learning new schemes, but replacing six of its top seven tacklers. (more…)

TCU 2011 Preview: Offense

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Gary Patterson told that the way to have a good defense is to have a good offense.  No joke– the guru of defense gurus in college said,

“The biggest stat for me, as long as you are not giving up big plays, is the amount of plays that you are on the field. We have averaged less than 60 plays. … It is more of a team concept. … you have to be able to control the football and get people off the field. I have always felt like if you play a 60-play game and 30 of those plays you had a better call than what the offense did, then you are limiting them to 30 plays to be able to score and do things. The less time they spend on the field, the better.”

Sounds simple, when Andy Dalton, Jake Kirkpatrick, Marcus Cannon, Jeremy Kerley, and Jimmy Young are all on the field.  But with a new crew taking the reins, will TCU still be able control the football? (more…)