The Idiotarod: Leave the Dog but Bring the Absurdity

Posted by    |    June 24th, 2011 at 9:59 pm

Even while the economy is going to hell on a hand-basket you’re looking to have a great time this weekend.  So grab a shopping cart and a group of friends for the Idiotarod, a funomenon coming to Dallas for the first time this Saturday, June 25th.  Sure to entertain the athletically eccentric and onlookers alike this covert competition is all about trickery, sabotage, and costuming! It takes a rather stealthy detective to unearth the details of this undercover event, the only information currently published is that it will begin at 12pm and go to 5pm and will be in some sort of major urban area in Dallas.  The site with the most information is their facebook page ( but you can find plenty of videos of previous events in other cities to get ideas, either way if you’re driving around Dallas tomorrow keep your eyes open for the ludicrous and inane spectacle that is the Idiotarod, a race as random as the actual Iditarod is cold!