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Posted by    |    September 30th, 2010 at 3:31 pm

Reminiscent of a hometown July 4th parade, Newman Smith High School held its annual Homecoming Parade last night through the sidestreets of Carrollton, complete with decorated cars, cheerleaders, the entire marching band and, of course, the football teams.  My oldest son having attended Smith and my youngest headed there someday, I just had to get in on the fun.

Newman Smith has had a rather rocky football past, but has come a long way.  In 2004, their record was zero wins and ten losses.  Even as recent as the 2008 season, the Trojans had only two wins, with eight losses.  But with a new coaching staff beginning to turn things around, NSHS finished its 2009 season with a 10-3 record.  Reason to kick off homecoming with a big parade, I’d say!

The Newman Smith mascot is the Trojan, thus the theme - “All Roads Lead to Troy” – and the many costumes and floats in the parade.

After the parade, the band and students gathered to celebrate with awesome music, dancing, chants, and cheers.

The kids, of course, had a blast.  And I took advantage of a chance to introduce my 5th grade football player son to one of the Newman Smith head coaches.  Nothing wrong with getting in early on a little recruiting action!

Can’t wait until 2014!

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  1. Ezra Hood says:

    Newman Smith… winning football games? That was a pipedream when I was a student there, ’94 to ’98. (Although I think we did beat R.L. Turner a few times…)