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Posted by    |    May 8th, 2012 at 5:24 am

Is this a film about an agency that makes films deciding to make a films about changing their products from major films to staff meeting films?   Line of the film:  It’s so meta it doesn’t even recognize itself without existing.  Really?  Who came up with meeting videos anyway?  Would this happen in Downtown Dallas?  Downtown Ft. Worth?  Frisco?  Did Miles Fisher get top billing over Charlize Theron?  Is it because he looks like Tom Cruise?  Would Tom Cruise take top billing over Charilze Theron?

Directed by Dave Green:

Starring Miles Fisher:
Charlize Theron
Shawn Levy
Max Landis
Kyle Mooney
Brian Sacca
Joe Cobden
Alex Beh
Written by Henry Gayden
Produced by Ryan Hendricks
DP: Benji Bakshi
Art: Nick Nakahara & Rachel Kondrath
AC: Ted Hayden


Lovely Monster: NSFW Language

Posted by    |    May 5th, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Sophia is a lovely 21-year-old girl with “a rare and very dangerous condition.” She’s a monster. It’s an accident of birth, and the condition restricts her life in many ways. In this “documentary” by Francisco Calabrese, you will eventually see how her condition manifests itself. NSFW language.

The film work and post production is excellent but seeing her “condition” demystifies the experience.  We would have preferred some other affliction or not reveal the affliction at all.

MOMENTOS by Nuno Rocha

Posted by    |    February 28th, 2012 at 11:26 am

Sometimes relationships fall apart, but isn’t it wonderfully beautiful when they can fall back together? Nuno Rocha illustrates this rare event in this emotional and inspirational short film, Momentos, based on the concept “life’s good.”

I found myself moved to tears by the end of the seven minute film. Momentos makes it abundantly apparent how priceless the relationships that we form with our loved ones truly are. I’m reminded to savor special moments so they may become precious memories.

Watch to discover why life is good, especially when you have people to share it with.


How They Get There

Posted by    |    December 5th, 2011 at 7:00 am

You see them in every city, every town.  It isn’t just shoes, though that seems to be the prevalent accessory.  Sometimes it’s a shirt, a pair of pants, and unfortunately sometimes it’s a pair of underwear.

How do they get there?  Laying on the street, tied over a telephone pole, hanging from a tree branch.  How does someone literally lose their shirt?  Or be able to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?

We see them, we pass them, we wrinkle our nose at them, but how in the heck they got there…we don’t know.  Go kayaking in White Rock Lake and you’ll find that even the aquatic reserves aren’t immune.  I’ve seen floating diapers, a lone flip flop, and an acrylic fingernail, all sailing along as if they belonged there.

Well, enough with the philosophical, and on to the answer to this age-old question.  Director Spike Jonze  has stumbled upon the truth in this short film, aptly titled, “How They Get There“.  Enjoy!

Moving Day: One Surprisingly Sassy Short Film

Posted by    |    November 28th, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Ever watch a film and think it’s going to be one thing, but it totally surprises you and becomes another?  A good example of this was the recent release of the film “Drive” with Hollywood sex symbol Ryan Gosling.  The incredible visuals, the lack of dialogue, and the amazing soundtrack seemed like the perfect storm of cinematic awesomeness.  Then the story takes a dramatically gory turn that you aren’t quite prepared for, and it goes from Oscar contender to a B-list horror film.  (I apologize if you loved “Drive”.  I loved the first quarter of it, but the rest? Bleh.)

What does this have to do with new short film “Moving Day” by Jason Wingrove?  Well, this film has a similar quality in that it delivers the unexpected, all while wrapped up in a cinematic bow.  The angles, the lighting, the effects, and of course, the acting are all brilliantly executed.  So when the premise of a little girl encountering her first moments in the house her family is moving into starts to seem a little slow, this Wingrove packs a punch that snaps you back to attention.  Oh, the eye candy shots of her bathed in sunlight on the staircase or walking through the front door in a clever mirrored shot are enough to keep you interested, but the twist is what keeps you enthralled. (more…)

“Last Minutes With Oden” by Eliot Raush

Posted by    |    September 25th, 2011 at 8:00 am

This week, we present a video that will make you cry.  Each and every Dallas pet owner has at some point had to deal with the last days of our pet’s lives.  This video is about Oden.  Oden was dying of cancer, and his owner, Jason Wood, has to make the call and then follow through with it.  This short film is graphic and uncensored, so you must prepare yourself to get up close and personal as Oden is euthanized on camera. 
Last Minutes With Oden is a raw, deeply personal first hand account of unconditional love and support that a three-legged dog brought to others who were struggling with a variety of issues.    And this is the real story.  Oden unconditionally comforted people who were hurting despite his own pain.  Oden served a vital purpose in this world and he did it well.  
This short film does not fully develop the story of Jason Wood.   Claire Booth, a writer for NPR, describes Wood in an excellent article she published in October of 2010.  In that article, she noted that “He is “a radical, Mother Teresa-type-person,” Rausch explained. “They call him the Mayor of Long Beach … His life is dedicated to loving on the forgotten people.” That’s because Wood, in a sense, is a ‘forgotten person’ himself. He is a convicted felon and former drug addict who spent 10 years in jail. Although he has been clean for 10 years, and has made it his new life mission to help others, Wood can’t seem to get a job — or get by.” 

We also note that Wood disliked the fact that Last Minutes with Oden won a Vimeo award.  Well, we thank him for allowing a talent like Rausch to document a story which resonates with so many of us who have loved and lost our pets. 

“Go say hi to Jesus and tell him we are coming.  We are coming soon.”

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In the Director’s Chair: “13 15 6 51 46″ by 4PM Beer

Posted by    |    August 30th, 2011 at 5:00 am

This is one of my favorite short films from the 10th Annual 24 Hour Video Race.  Well produced and scripted, “13 15 6 51 46″  executed each of the required elements as well as any team in the competition.

With this short film review, YouPlusDallas introduces selected cast and crew from 4PM Beer.

The 24 Hour Video Race in Dallas is presented annually by the Video Association of Dallas.  To view more short films from the 24 Hour Video Race, go to the short films gallery.

In the Director’s Chair: “Foolishly Seeking True Love” by Jarrett Lee Conaway

Posted by    |    August 29th, 2011 at 5:30 am

A 2010 award winner – Top 20 Narrative by Vimeo, Jarrett Lee Conaway provides a behind the scenes look at “Foolishly Seeking True Love” below.




YouPlusDallas Launches Short Films Network

Posted by    |    August 21st, 2011 at 5:00 am

YouPlusDallas is launching YouPlusShortFilms,  a new initiative designed to support Texas-based film makers.  Our friend, Bart Weiss, has been kind enough to experiment with us in this noble effort, and so we inaugurate our new network by showcasing the winners of the tenth annual  24 Hour Video Race.  This event is presented annually by the Video Association of Dallas.

KERA’s Anne Bothwell, photographer/videographer David Leason, D Mag’s Peter Simek, Laura Neitzel, a founder of the 24 Hour Video Race ten years ago and I judged the final entries which were screened on Monday, May 23 at the Angelika Film Center. (more…)