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“Last Minutes With Oden” by Eliot Raush

Posted by    |    September 25th, 2011 at 8:00 am

This week, we present a video that will make you cry.  Each and every Dallas pet owner has at some point had to deal with the last days of our pet’s lives.  This video is about Oden.  Oden was dying of cancer, and his owner, Jason Wood, has to make the call and then follow through with it.  This short film is graphic and uncensored, so you must prepare yourself to get up close and personal as Oden is euthanized on camera. 
Last Minutes With Oden is a raw, deeply personal first hand account of unconditional love and support that a three-legged dog brought to others who were struggling with a variety of issues.    And this is the real story.  Oden unconditionally comforted people who were hurting despite his own pain.  Oden served a vital purpose in this world and he did it well.  
This short film does not fully develop the story of Jason Wood.   Claire Booth, a writer for NPR, describes Wood in an excellent article she published in October of 2010.  In that article, she noted that “He is “a radical, Mother Teresa-type-person,” Rausch explained. “They call him the Mayor of Long Beach … His life is dedicated to loving on the forgotten people.” That’s because Wood, in a sense, is a ‘forgotten person’ himself. He is a convicted felon and former drug addict who spent 10 years in jail. Although he has been clean for 10 years, and has made it his new life mission to help others, Wood can’t seem to get a job — or get by.” 

We also note that Wood disliked the fact that Last Minutes with Oden won a Vimeo award.  Well, we thank him for allowing a talent like Rausch to document a story which resonates with so many of us who have loved and lost our pets. 

“Go say hi to Jesus and tell him we are coming.  We are coming soon.”

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In the Director’s Chair with Eliot Rausch

Posted by    |    September 4th, 2011 at 6:30 am

Eliot Rausch on “Last Call” with Carson Daly from phos pictures on Vimeo

Today, we introduce short film maker Eliot Rausch and his short film, “Sermon on the Mound”.  Over the coming weeks, we will be showcasing Rausch’s work because he is willing to tell stories that are difficult.  He is intense.  His work is forceful and yes, difficult at times to watch.  He provokes, exposes, and shamefully reminds us that we are not doing enough to help our fellow man.  Throughout most of his work lies a thread of faith and as he focuses on the human condition. 

The pundits at YouPlusDallas agree that Rausch flat out brings it.  In fact, if you don’t get upset, uncomfortable, angry, disturbed; if you don’t cry or look away in shame at some point in viewing his body of work, then you do not have a soul.

Directed and Edited by Eliot Rausch. Shot by Hunter Hampton Richards, and Matt B. Taylor. Music by Adam Taylor.

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