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The Road To Success

Posted by    |    January 28th, 2012 at 11:53 am

Meet Simon Diceman, a “Master of the Universe” who’s having trouble getting through the morning.  The Road to Success is a short, sharp film about ambition and toasters.  Some of the comments on this short include:  “Behind this video is a true story of all of us. Some learn faster, some learn slowly… Some take the short way, some the long one. But there’s always a path ahead. Patience is the key.”  This is Wonderful, Its works that way Sometimes, the things that you want don’t always come in the fashion you expect and sometimes the path that you think you’re gonna follow to get it, doesn’t always wind the way you would expect it to. Great acting, Great Imagery.”

The Director created a nice behind the scenes video.

Starring Don Hany (east West 101/Offspring)

DOP: Bonnie Elliott, Prod Design: Jasmine Christie, Music: David Varga, Producer: Cecilia Ritchie, Writter, Director & Editor: Dimitri Ellerington

Shot on RED1 MX. Camera & Grade generously supplied by High Def video services.

TRTS has screened at a number of festivals including Flickerfest, Dungog & London Australian Film Festival.

Written and Directed by Dimitri Ellerington and Produced by Cecilia Ritchie, The Road to Success is a film for anyone who’s ever had a day destroyed by the world around them.