A New Man

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The review is by editor of the week, Rob Munday, at shortoftheweek.com.  Supported by the Kevin Spacey Foundation and based on Etgar Keret’s story Healthy Start, A New Man is a short firmly focused on narrative and performance. This is the tale of an ordinary man, in an ordinary setting, looking to spice up his mundane existence – again, something many of us will have thought about at some point in our life. At the end of Thompson’s tale, as we’re left staring at Charles blood-splattered smile, we’re left pondering not only what will happen next for his protagonist, but also that maybe it takes the most painful moments to rediscover a lust for life.



Chapel Perilous

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The best way you could describe the short film Wildcat is captivating. Lacking dialogue or any intentional narrative,  the black and white images of rural life in Grayson Oklahoma are set to a hypnotic music score and create a dream like flow that draws you in and makes you not want to look away.  Director and editor Kahlil Joseph does an excellent job of composing the footage in such a way that it feels poetic, and there is more than one occasion where if you pushed pause the frozen shot would make a photograph worthy of framing.


What is Neorealism?

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What is neorealism? According to Wikipedia neorealism is “a national film movement characterized by stories set amongst the poor and the working class, filmed on location, frequently using non-professional actors. Italian Neorealist films mostly contend with the difficult economic and moral conditions of post-World War II Italy, representing changes in the Italian psyche and conditions of everyday life, including poverty, oppression, injustice and desperation.”

In his short video essay Kogada  explores this question further by taking one classic film that happened to be directed/edited by two different film legends, Vittorio De Sica (a leader in Italian neorealsim) and David O’selznick, which resulted in one movie with two different titles and two different compositions. The movie starred Montgomery Clift and Jennifer Jones with the De Sica version being titled Terminal Station and Indiscretion of an American Wife being the title of the O’selznick version.


Special Effects

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Among Giants

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In Among Giants I got to watch as a group of environmental activists lived a dream I’ve had since I was a kid, living up in trees among the leaves; but while as child I was just looking to live some place different where I was high above the ground and out in nature the activists followed in this short cinéma vérité style documentary had a much more noble purpose for choosing to make trees their homes.

In 2008 Green Diamond Resource Co. began clear cutting red woods in what is known as the McKay Tract, located in Humboldt county California. In response to the clear cutting a group of  established a protested by initiating a tree sitting in which they lived hundreds of feet up in canopy on small platforms. For the duration of their protest they sat, slept and cooked on these platforms, risking both serious injury and incarceration. Four years later their risk and vigilance payed off  when Green Diamond Resource Co. agreed to negotiate the sale of the McKay Tract to the community of Humboldt.


A tour through the abandoned: Malaise

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Located in the southwest portion of Berlin, Beelitz-Heilstätten was originally built in 1898 as a sanatorium to care for victims of tuberculosis. Soon after however it was utilized in World War I and II as a German military hospital where most notably a young corporal Adolf Hitler was treated after being wounded at the Battle of Somme during World War I. Surviving two wars and Soviet occupation the massive complex still stands consisting of over 60 buildings spread over 200 acres that are linked by underground tunnels.  While some sections of the hospital remain in operation as a neurological rehabilitation center and as a center for research and care for victims of Parkinson’s disease the remainder of the complex, including the surgery, the psychiatric ward, and a rifle range, was abandoned in 2000 and continues remain uninhabited.


DOOMED: A Biological Cartoon

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Who would have thought the death of little animals would be so hilarious? In this darkly humorous “documentary” we find a small menagerie of unfortunate, alien looking animals whose lives are brief and their extinction inevitable, making the job of the documentary’s narrator a little difficult. It would seem that all these creatures are designed to fail (in the most comedic ways) leaving the poor narrator at loss of what do with them.