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As two children go about their day joyfully collecting and documenting the plants and animals of earth like young scientists, they stumble upon a mysterious squid. The mystery deepens as they discover that the squid not an organic creature at all but a mechanical squid that acts as a transportation vessel for what would appear to be an alien child.Set in the 1800’s, this film is definitely a visual treat as you watch the children utilize almost forgotten methods of documentation, walk through lush sunny forests in their perfect period piece costumes and then stumble upon the cleverly designed mechanical squid. While through the majority of this film we get a positive feeling of charming and youthful curiosity from the main characters, the film ends on a much more somber note with the mother of the children having a less than enthusiastic reaction to their discovery.

Hit Me

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Spider in Motion

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A beautifully done time lapse of the making of a spider web.