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Not only is this absolutely beautiful, but it’s one of the sweetest short films I’ve ever seen. I’ve been watching this little gem off an on for almost a year now. It’s a great cure for the doldrums.

The story is about two octopuses in love employing any and all means to escape from a chef in a small Greek coastal town.  A chase ensues and the viewer is entertained by well-done character animation.

Oktapodi is A film by Julien Bocabeille, François-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier and Emud Mokhberi

Meeting in the Middle

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Have you ever asked this question while dating in Dallas?   When do relationships “begin to end?”

“Meeting in the Middle is about the story of the break up between Ellen William and Adam Barnes and the main setting is their therapist’s office.   Like many women, Ellen starts from the beginning and can recount the slightest detail, while Adam’s recollection is predictably less detailed and he starts from the very end of the relationship.

Slowly, their stories eventually “meet in the middle” revealing why they walked away from their relationship.  Watch “Meeting in the Middle” with your significant other and we hope you will have a few laughs over the silly things that seem to get in the way of relationships.

Directed by: Jason Eberly
Produced by: Tory Nelson
Written by: Nathan Hartman

Starring: Deanna Repic, Chris Betz, Kristen Kohaut, Andrea Aspacher, Abi Allwein, and Jeff Berggren.


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Japanese Brooklynite Alex Lee (half of the production crew BRTHR Films) presents TOKYO SLO-MODE, a colorful and beautiful perspective of Tokyo’s metro area.


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Skinemax, a (not-so-short) short film from Brooklyn-based Smash TV, captures the essence of the societal boom of the 1980s and 1990s. Its vibrant colors, mobile visuals and hypnotic music draw you in and keep you there to reminisce and experience nostalgia of the highest degree.


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Celia Rowlson-Hall, a New York-based videographer with credits for Kate Spade and MCMC Fragrances, presents us with A STUDY IN COLOR,  a hip video with some stylish attire, lively music and a vivacious host.

The video was commissioned by and made for Keller New York.


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In the 1970’s, they were the most popular sports stars on TV, a bigger draw than Major League Baseball. And then, virtually overnight, they disappeared — until now.

JAM is the story of the American Roller Derby League, a group of veteran Roller Derby stars now in their 50’s that are determined to make a comeback.

For seven years, award-winning filmmaker Mark Woollen chronicles league owner Tim Patten as he pours his heart and entire life savings into a revival of this uniquely American entertainment. JAM takes you on an epic journey filled with unimaginable drama, bitter rivalries, heart pounding action and an incredible cast of characters you’ll never forget. Hilarious, heartbreaking, inspiring, JAM is an amazing story about the lengths people will go to achieve their dreams.


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Normally, I don’t like to post straight from Vimeo’s Staff Picks, but I enjoyed this short film too much not to share it again.

THE VIRGIN HEROD is a chilling short film by Xander Robin, a short film veteran of four years and ten awards in multiple festivals. THE VIRGIN HEROD itself won four official selections and one honorable mentions in US film festivals.

Its unique cinematography, bizarre characters and unsettling events lead to an abnormally entertaining experience (not for the whole family).


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