Permission to Explode

Posted by    |    July 23rd, 2012 at 4:37 pm


The following comes directly from Vimeo.

A collaboration between Atyp & Si Begg to promote his latest album.

The concept, and title of the project, are representative of how Si views his personal work, how he channels the deepest waveform generating corners of his mind into a controlled explosion of unique self expression.
Breaking out of the order and patterns of everyday life, Si views his artistic musical output as his own ‘Permission to Explode’.

Not a music video as such, more an experimental short intended to visually embody the sonic direction of the album. The challenge was to embrace the concept of hyper-creativity and attempt to harness this with the just the right amount of rhythm and order – It’s a tricky balance that has long been his trademark.

Our approach was to marry the multi-layerd, eccentric, characteristics of the album with an equally rich and complex approach. Drawing on a mixed media palette we combined 3D scanning, projections, stop motion, scripting, live action & CGI with the aim of creating a unique aesthetic in the true spirit of the project.

Produced and Directed by: ATYP
Director of Photography: Julian Ward
Post production: ATYP
Composition & sound design: Si Begg

3D Technology: Inition
Technical Director: Robert Jeffries
3D Printing: Paul Armand

Art department: Joe Nation / Henry Dorman
Stop-frame animation assistant: Lauren Angelkov-Cummings
Lighting: Promotion Ltd

Thanks to: Gren & Hazel / Rachel Gilmore / Steve Angelko”