Terrifying Toys: Pop Goes the Evil

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We do not normally showcase thrillers, opting more for romantic works.  We depart from our usual practice to present Slash-In-The-Box, a fine short horror film by Nick Everhart. His work is intelligent, brilliantly shot, with a well-selected music score. Most importantly, we learned that Nick Everhart shot this film in one day completed post production in a week and spent a total of $2000.  Remarkable.

The following excerpts come from various reviews, most notably horror news.net.

“An attractive couple purchases an antique Jack-in-the-Box, they didn’t expect “it” to have a purpose. Sometimes old things are better left unfound, as in this case, this “particular” toy appears to be a threshold into evil.

The toy sits quietly on the kitchen table where it was left, while in the darkness things begin to change. A few curious noises, a toy that can wind itself, and a slice of supernatural events to bring it all home. As the husband is awoken to the sounds of thumping, a near miss accident pulls the viewers ever closer that things are just not right.

He approaches the old box that sits solemnly in the kitchen…that is until his attention is overtaken by the box’s true intentions.

Soon after, the wife awakes to investigate. Suspense is again heightened by the usage of clever horror staples that are brought into this short time span. She didn’t expect what she finds.”

Here’s what people are saying about Slash-In-The-Box:

“4 1/2 Stars. ” -Film Threat

“Slash-in-the-box is everything you expect only better.” -Creepercast.com

“A great and sharp horror film…” – Cinema-Crazed.com

“A tremendous piece of work.” -Blind Mouse Entertainment

“Extremely clever and really makes every minute count. [Slash-In-The-Box] deserves some major attention.” -MediaMikes.com

“Very badass, interesting, evil, cool, and fun.” -Gruesome Hertzogg (horror podcast)

“Horror Short Pick of the Week” -TrobysTalesofTerror.com

“In addition to the incredible cinematography, camera movement, and the lighting, this one also gives you one hell of a trick!” -ScariestMoviesOnline.com

“It contains everything a horror movie needs…” -MortalGore.com

“Very slick and very clever, this neat little jumper is oodling with festival potential.” -This Horror Is Your Face Blog

“As a horror fan, you should not miss this…” -ElGore.com

“It’s almost like writer/director Nick Everhart is slamming his fist down on the table with a smirk here to prove he knows how to construct a classic slasher with an absurd killer.” -FilmSchoolRejects.com

Official Selection – 2012 AMC Theatres Kansas City FilmFest
Official Selection – Chicago’s 2012 Indie Horror Film Festival
Official Selection – 2012 Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival
Nominated for Best Editing – 2011 London Super Shorts International Film Festival
Finalist (selected by Eli Roth) – 2011 Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Short Film Contest

Starring – Elizabeth Masucci and Tyler Hollinger
Produced by Nick Everhart, Laura J. Hill, Leigh Scott, Eliza Swenson
Production Coordinator – Travis Somerville
Wardrobe – Regina Amato
Makeup – Krystal Phillips
Director of Photography – Leigh Scott
1st Assistant Camera – Josh Therriault
Gaffer – Ross Neugeboren
Key Grip – Bob Blankemeier
Production Assistant – Catherine Chiocchi
Set Photographer – Drew Amato
Visual Effects and Poster Art by Laura J. Hill


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