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Documentary: Dust Off Vietnam

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Tom Wolzein shared this snippet of his life in Vietnam.  It is part of a short film, “Forgotten Soldier”.  Medivac helicopter Dustoff 89’er uses a jungle penetrator to rescue wounded US Army troops during combat in the jungle west of Chu Lai, Vietnam in 1970. Filmed by Lt. Tom Wolzien, 221st Signal Company.


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When a relationship is forced to change, how does one come to terms with the past and reconcile? Ultimately, relationships like life simply exist, persist, and endure for a limited period of time.  This is a beautiful little film that touches on concepts of mortality. It is very well made, and quite moving, although somewhat sad.

The Road To Success

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Meet Simon Diceman, a “Master of the Universe” who’s having trouble getting through the morning.  The Road to Success is a short, sharp film about ambition and toasters.  Some of the comments on this short include:  “Behind this video is a true story of all of us. Some learn faster, some learn slowly… Some take the short way, some the long one. But there’s always a path ahead. Patience is the key.”  This is Wonderful, Its works that way Sometimes, the things that you want don’t always come in the fashion you expect and sometimes the path that you think you’re gonna follow to get it, doesn’t always wind the way you would expect it to. Great acting, Great Imagery.”

The Director created a nice behind the scenes video.

Starring Don Hany (east West 101/Offspring)

DOP: Bonnie Elliott, Prod Design: Jasmine Christie, Music: David Varga, Producer: Cecilia Ritchie, Writter, Director & Editor: Dimitri Ellerington

Shot on RED1 MX. Camera & Grade generously supplied by High Def video services.

TRTS has screened at a number of festivals including Flickerfest, Dungog & London Australian Film Festival.

Written and Directed by Dimitri Ellerington and Produced by Cecilia Ritchie, The Road to Success is a film for anyone who’s ever had a day destroyed by the world around them.

Virgin Media Shorts

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A satirical and comic portrait of a beautiful, stylish and truly nasty man. Don Justino is filthy and gorgeous, cruel and mean – irresistible to women with low self-esteem.



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Hollow by Fabio D’Orta

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Do you believe this situation has ever happened in Dallas?   A chance encounter in a men’s bathroom leads Ben and Stacy to believe they might not be with the right people.

Directed by: Alexander Jeffery
Produced by: Brian Watt

Christian Stokes – Ben
Katherine Streeter – Stacy
Alexander Jeffery – Dale
Kelynne Jungck – Emily

Original music by: Aric Chase Damm

Sound Re-recording Mixer: Ryan J. Frias


Futurestates: Plastic Bag

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Water pollution is the leading worldwide cause of deaths and diseases-responsible for around 15,000 deaths each day. Pretty sobering, isn’t it?  How often do you hear stats like these and think about them for a brief moment, and then continue on with your day without giving it another thought?  I know I do.  But filmmakers have gotten so good at disguising social commentary in cinema, that they leave an indelible mark on us long after we’ve watched a film. Rather than throwing out a frightening number of stats or sending around an email forward with metaphors for the damage water pollution is causing in our everyday lives, Futurestates decided to take the road less traveled.  If you recall the scene in American Beauty with the bag dancing in the wind, you’ll already feel a connection to their short film, “Plastic Bag“. Brilliantly narrated by famed director Werner Herzog, this film evokes more emotion through one paper bag than many human actors can evoke in their entire career of work.

Watch this film with an open mind, open heart, and a broader sense of how our carelessness affects our environment as a whole.  You just might find that you’re thinking about what it all means longer than a moment.  Perhaps the next time you are choosing paper, plastic, or deciding to carry a reusable bag while doing your grocery shopping you’ll recall “Plastic Bag“.

7th by Sarah Pocock

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When a girl gets off at the wrong bus stop on her way to meet a new friend, she finds herself alone in a part of the city she is unfamiliar with. As she nervously navigates herself through dark Los Angeles streets, she is overcome with terror. The real threat, however, does not come from the streets…



FM Rock Radio Station WWCK 105 FM: A Desire to be the Best

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Lee Abrams forwarded me this well done documentary chronicling the life of FM rock station, WWCK 105 FM, “Flint’s Best Rock”.  This work features the culture, the music and people who influenced a legendary radio station such as Michael Moore, Buffalo Dick, and John Lennon. I don’t know which part of this documentary meant more to me, but remembering when John Lennon was murdered, the role radio played the day after, and how people reacted to his death really resonated.

Jim Baade, former DJ of 105, takes you through the station’s early days in the 1970’s and then shows you the secrets behind it becoming the top medium market rock station in the country.  Jim documents what was truly great around radio and without saying it, gives us something to compare to the dribble that is radio today.  The documentary ends with the story of 105 FM’s ultimate decline and demise in the late 1980’s.  You’ll hear it from the guys who lived the dream, including: Peter Cavanaugh, Jeff Holbrook and Jon Lockwood. (more…)