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Can you say, “Molto Delizioso?”

Posted by    |    September 2nd, 2010 at 8:42 am

That’s Italian for very delicious and that perfectly describes the new Ristorante Nicola on Preston Road.

I was already a fan of the location at The Shops at Legacy, so I was happy to be invited to a luncheon at the Preston Road location this week. 

Although we chose from a set menu of three entrees, I had the opportunity to taste all three:  Involtini de Pollo (chicken breast with fontana, sage, gorgonzola, polenta, asparagus and red wine sauce); Salmone Grigliato alla Senape (grilled salmon, sauteed baby veggies and mustard sauce); and, my fave, Raviolotti di Vitello (spinach pasta stuffed with veal, spinach, ricotta in sage butter sauce).  Mouth watering yet?

Raviolotti di Vitello

The pasta was tender, and the sage butter sauce mixed with the veal stuffing brought on a big “mmm-mm” several times during the meal.  And you can’t go wrong with big, fat parmesan cheese shavings either!

The new Nicola differs in atmosphere from the Plano location – a more elegant feel than the rustic interior up north.  I kept taking mental notes on how I could recreate the gorgeous light fixtures with my hot glue gun and very limited knowledge of electronics.

Light Fixtures at Ristorante Nicola

And finally, I can’t say enough about the very professional, attentive and courteous staff.  Everyone from the valet to the waiters, managers and event sales person made our happiness their first priority.