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Haystack Burgers & Barley’s Menu Looks Awesome – Opens May 7

Posted by    |    April 25th, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Remember Haystack Burgers & Barley, the ridiculous good sounding restaurant set to open in Richardson on May 7? They just released the menu, and the good sounding restaurant just got better. From a grilled Portabella mushroom sandwich to a chicken fried burger, this neighborhood burger joint with the quirky southern vibe might just get me to take a trip to Richardson.

haystack burgers and barley menu

A Tribute to Sharon Hage

Posted by    |    November 30th, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Chef Sharon Hage, the owner of one of the city’s top restaurants, York Street, closed her creation two weeks ago.  Sharon commanded the respect of foodies everywhere, but what’s most impressive is the level of respect she earned from her peers.

We had the honor of hosting Sharon in our studios a few months back.  We wanted to cater lunch, but what do you serve to a chef of Sharon’s stature?  Our Manager of Everything, Sarah Beauregard, dialed up our go-to chef Janice Provost, partner of Parigi Restaurant to help us cater the luncheon.  Janice is a huge Sharon Hage fan, so she took time away from Parigi to personally to oversee details of a luncheon for five people.

On that day, we showed Sharon a video our master editors had created. A month ealier we had asked more than 50 Dallas chefs, “Aside from your own, what’s your favorite Dallas restaurant?” The clear winner was York Street, and we thought this shy, humble woman who never seeks the spotlight would appreciate the honest sentiment of her cooking peers.  We never planned to post this video on You+Dallas; however, with the closing of York Street, we offer this video to honor one of our city’s finest chefs.