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A sneak peek at Velvet Taco. That doesn’t sound right.

Posted by    |    August 2nd, 2011 at 3:51 pm

What used to be Church’s Chicken on the corner of Henderson and Highway 75, is now the newest addition to the long list of Front Burner restaurants.

Velvet Taco, a strange, perverse name for a taco shop, was really meant to give off a smooth, chic and retro feel, Franke said. But for most, it will probably be taken a much different way.

Franke and his partners, owners of Whiskey Cake, Ojos Locos, Ranch at Las Colinas and more, came up with the taco concept about six or seven months ago. In Franke’s words, they wanted “a taco place that’s more for the gringos”—a taqueria for the urbanite.