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The Slow Bone

Posted by    |    April 24th, 2013 at 3:31 pm



Jack Perkins, the creator of Maple and Motor, has done it again with The Slow Bone. I would rank this in the top 3 of best BBQ in Dallas (if not the best). Served in lunchroom cafeteria trays, the BBQ will make you smile like you are tasting BBQ for the first time.

Now I love BBQ. I have a group of friends that share my love and all went to college in the Hill County, home to the best BBQ in Texas. Now with that said, I love the city of Dallas, but it has been missing true BBQ until recent years with the additions of Smoke, Pecan Lodge, and Lochhart Smokehouse. Fort Worth has always beaten us in the BBQ department, but no longer! The Slow Bone provides the perfect balance of pit BBQ with enough variation to make it unique.

Now to the fun part. The Q.