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The Slow Bone

Posted by    |    April 24th, 2013 at 3:31 pm



Jack Perkins, the creator of Maple and Motor, has done it again with The Slow Bone. I would rank this in the top 3 of best BBQ in Dallas (if not the best). Served in lunchroom cafeteria trays, the BBQ will make you smile like you are tasting BBQ for the first time.

Now I love BBQ. I have a group of friends that share my love and all went to college in the Hill County, home to the best BBQ in Texas. Now with that said, I love the city of Dallas, but it has been missing true BBQ until recent years with the additions of Smoke, Pecan Lodge, and Lochhart Smokehouse. Fort Worth has always beaten us in the BBQ department, but no longer! The Slow Bone provides the perfect balance of pit BBQ with enough variation to make it unique.

Now to the fun part. The Q.


Fried Pie Shop – Breakfast Tacos

Posted by    |    February 6th, 2013 at 10:48 am


Breakfast Tacos. I love them. I mean, when people ask me the hypothetical, “what your last meal would be,” I always do a three meal last meal, and Breakfast Tacos are at the top of my breakfast meal finale.

With that said, I am weird and love BBQ on my Breakfast Tacos. Rudy’s BBQ does a decent BBQ Breakfast Taco, but I can’t find one close in Dallas. Well let’s go back to last Friday. We were having a little BBQ Fridays office and movie lunch, yes my job is awesome, and while we were in Baker’s Ribs picking up the goods, I started talking with the wonderful Fried Pie lady. She is the nicest woman and clearly has a love for pies that are fried – what’s not to love. She mentioned that she would be serving breakfast starting on the 4th, and most importantly, she would have BBQ Brisket Breakfast Tacos featuring Baker;s Ribs’ delicious brisket. Sold.

Fast-forward to today, I never go on opening day, and here I am at my desk …starving. Then I remember the TACOS! First off, when you walk in the place smells delightful with aromas of fried pies and succulent BBQ. Mmmm….BBQ. Then I order one brisket and one chorizo Breakfast Taco. Bam, she heads to the grill and they are ready in minutes. Yes, I also got a Chocolate Fried Pie for desert. How can you say no. Now for another kicker, they are only $1.95 a taco! That is cheap!