The First Taste

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Nothing is more honest than a baby. Babies do not lie, have ulterior motives, or egos. What can be more honest the a baby’s reaction? The Answer: A baby’s reaction in slow motion.

Babies. Food. Fun.

Check out this brilliant piece from genius advertising agency Saatchi & Heckler.



Chef Thomas Gray to Replace Brian Zenner as Oak’s Chef de Cuisine This Week

Posted by    |    April 23rd, 2013 at 2:28 pm

Thomas Gray - Oak

{photo by Joy Zhang}

Though our headline has a bit of a negative connotation, we’re guessing the replacement of Zenner is actually a positive thing, as he’ll most likely be focusing more of his time and talents at Oak owners Tiffanee and Richard Ellman’s Uptown restaurant, Belly & Trumpet.

As for Gray, the former Sous Chef at the AAA Five Diamond-rated The French Room will bring a broad skill set across a diverse array of global cuisine to the Design District favorite.

He explains, “I relish the opportunity to continue to create and execute elegant and inspired food at a restaurant that has quickly developed a reputation for challenging its guests with unique, robust combinations and consistent excellence.”

Oak lovers can look forward to Gray’s debut this week, and for those who have yet to check out Belly & Trumpet, head to our brunch story and allow these food pics to seduce you.


Mot Hai Ba – Casual Vietnamese Restaurant Opening April 23

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MOT HAI BA - Bar shot

First of all, let’s address the name.

Mot Hai Ba, prounced mo’oht high bah, means 1, 2, 3.

Why should you care? Mot Hai Ba is a new casual, high-energy Vietnamese restaurant by Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare (Chef/Owners, Good 2 Go Taco and Chefs of Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House) featuring menu items inspired by meals eaten by the chefs/owners on their motorcycle tour through the city of Hanoi, Vietnam.

These are some pretty cool ladies.


Haystack Burgers & Barley Heads to Richardson

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What’s better than a great neighborhood burger joint with quirky, southern vibe? A neighborhood burger joint with a quirky, southernhaystack burgers and barley vibe and local, handcrafted beers on tap.

Richardson mall goers will be able to enjoy the combo in mid-April when Haystack Burger & Barley opens in the Richardson Heights Shopping Center.

Owned by locals Kevin and Jenny Galvan and Rob and Christine Wondoloski, Haystack will feature hand-cut fries, creative sandwiches, mouthwatering burgers, an array of salads, and handcrafted beer including the signature drink, The Haystack. Their full menu is being revealed this week.


Dallas’ Best Chefs to Participate in “A Community Cooks” on 4.11.13

Posted by    |    March 26th, 2013 at 4:53 pm

a community cooks

Home to some of the best chefs in the world, Dallas can be a tough city to pick a restaurant in. What a terrible problem to have, right? But really, deciding whether to try out the hot new FT33 or stick with a favorite like Bolsa can cause serious anxiety.

Now imagine having all those incredible chefs and their cuisine in one place. Too good to be true? Yes. But it’s real, and it’s happening.


Smashburger and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Team Up for a Magical Pairing Menu

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Wine and dinner are two of my favorite things. It’s probably safe to assume that’s also the case for a lot of people. But I’ve been drinking wine long enough to know exactly what I want to be drinking: my boxed Bota Box Pinot Grigio. I don’t care if I’m eating seafood, steak or a burger from In n Out; the heart wants what the heart wants. So while I love the occasional wine dinner, I’m always a little frustrated that I can’t just bring my fave box of wine along with me.

The same cannot be said for me and beer. I’ve been pretending to love Bud Lights for so long that I genuinely enjoy them now. When the mood strikes, a cold bottle of Bud Light Platinum can really hit the spot. Fear of the unknown (and beer bellies) has made Bud Light my go to choice, but the rise in craft beer’s popularity and my recent visit to Deep Ellum Brewing Co. has definitely put an end to that. Who knew that beer could actually taste good? It doesn’t have to be something you train yourself to enjoy so you can look like a “chill girl” or have something to transition to as the night goes on.


Village Marquee gets a new menu inspired by Highland Park Village

Posted by    |    March 6th, 2013 at 3:45 pm

village marquee bar and grill

Bay of Fundy Crispy Salmon

Since taking over as Executive Chef of Village Marquee Bar & Grill on February 1, Andre Natera has been gathering inspiration from the restaurant’s neighbors in order to create a new menu that is all his own.

“Highland Park is my muse, and I am taking influence from a number of things around me including nature, art, fashion and the seasons.  It is my personal interpretation of Dallas and Dallas dining,” said Natera.


Bolsa and the Trinity River Audubon Center, the Perfect Marriage

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trinity river Audubon center

Who better to serve the Trinity River Audubon Center as their exclusive caterer than a team that is equally dedicated to sustainability, organic practices, and commitment to community? Bolsa Mercado Catering is partnering with TRAC as their exclusive caterer for everything from corporate box lunches to multi-course, chef-driven wedding receptions.

Ben Jones, TRAC Director, explains, “The Bolsa team creates unforgettable events with delicious food made from the highest quality local ingredients and paired with great service.  We could not be more proud to be working with the folks at Bolsa. It’s a natural partnership.”


Belly & Trumpet to Replace Uptown’s Bowery

Posted by    |    February 6th, 2013 at 4:01 pm

zenner and mendoza belly & trumpet

Zenner and Mendoza

Dallas wasn’t prepared for the Bowery’s gourmet hot dogs, but the replacement could be magical. It’s the same type of elevated concept, with a new interior design, new chefs, and sharable plates instead of hot dogs. With Dallas favorites like Victor Tango’s boasting pricy plates to split, Dallas should be able to handle this one, especially with the resumes of Chef Brian Zenner, Chef de Cuisine at Oak, and sous chef Rudy Mendoza, who worked with Zenner at Mansion on Turtle Creek.

“With Belly & Trumpet, we are striving to extend beyond the ordinary in everything we do.  We are challenging ourselves to be inventive and thoughtful, often taking a classic favorite and adding an exciting twist.  Regardless, our primary goal is for our food to be consistently soulful and delicious,” said Zenner.


Fried Pie Shop – Breakfast Tacos

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Breakfast Tacos. I love them. I mean, when people ask me the hypothetical, “what your last meal would be,” I always do a three meal last meal, and Breakfast Tacos are at the top of my breakfast meal finale.

With that said, I am weird and love BBQ on my Breakfast Tacos. Rudy’s BBQ does a decent BBQ Breakfast Taco, but I can’t find one close in Dallas. Well let’s go back to last Friday. We were having a little BBQ Fridays office and movie lunch, yes my job is awesome, and while we were in Baker’s Ribs picking up the goods, I started talking with the wonderful Fried Pie lady. She is the nicest woman and clearly has a love for pies that are fried – what’s not to love. She mentioned that she would be serving breakfast starting on the 4th, and most importantly, she would have BBQ Brisket Breakfast Tacos featuring Baker;s Ribs’ delicious brisket. Sold.

Fast-forward to today, I never go on opening day, and here I am at my desk …starving. Then I remember the TACOS! First off, when you walk in the place smells delightful with aromas of fried pies and succulent BBQ. Mmmm….BBQ. Then I order one brisket and one chorizo Breakfast Taco. Bam, she heads to the grill and they are ready in minutes. Yes, I also got a Chocolate Fried Pie for desert. How can you say no. Now for another kicker, they are only $1.95 a taco! That is cheap!