The Lowdown on Dallas’ Trader Joe’s (plural?)

Posted by    |    January 3rd, 2013 at 11:18 am

trader joes dallasWe’ve been tempted with the development of a Lower Greenville Trader Joe’s for quite some time, and before that we were tempted with the mere idea of a TJ appearing somewhere, anywhere in North Dallas. I’m getting tired of this little game we’ve been playing TJ, so I decided to figure you out.

Google usually answers my major life questions, but then there were the mysterious tweets about a Trader Joe’s on Knox Street (yay!). That meant replacing Taverna (boo!). This was when I really got upset. Why so mysterious, TJ!? Just tell me what’s going to happen!

Turns out if I just read the news on a regular basis, I would have been in the know from the start, so if you’re like me and rely on Twitter as gateway to all things newsworthy, here’s the deal with Trader Joe’s and Dallas.


Hooters Annual Show Us Your Cans & Cash Food Drive Starts Today

Posted by    |    December 3rd, 2012 at 11:52 am

hooters show us your cansWhen I first checked my inbox, the header of this email was cut off so that it read, “Hooters Show Us Your Cans”… Is this a joke? Who could send such a press release?

Then I noticed…. “& Cash Food Drive” and immediately repealed my horror.

Starting today, December 3 and running until Sunday, December 9, donations will be accepted at all 14 Hooters locations in the DFW area. All cans and donations will go to the local food bank to help fight hunger in our area. There are prizes for the highest individual donors so start collecting!

Also, when you donate at least $5 or 10 canned items, you will be entered to win a 4-pack of platinum tickets to see the Dallas Mavericks complete with parking pass and 100 Hooters wings.

Make sure to check out live broadcasts from your favorite radio personalities at these Hooters locations:

Monday, 12/3 at Hooters of Addison from 6P-8P with Angela Chase/KEGL

Monday, 12/3 at Hooters of Ft Worth from 6P-8P with Vydra/KDGE

Tuesday, 12/4 at Hooters of NRH from 5P-7P with Angela Chase/KEGL

Wednesday, 12/5 at Hooters of Plano from 8P-10P with Clo/KEGL 

Friday, 12/7 at Hooters of Arlington from 3P-7P with Jon Dillon/KZPS

Taste Addison: 20 Years of “Let’s Eat Until It’s Time to Eat”

Posted by    |    May 4th, 2012 at 1:52 pm

Taste Addison is one of those events that you have to go to if you consider yourself a Dallasite.  It’s hot, it’s fun, it’s good old fashioned face-stuffing at it’s finest.  Where else can you explore the city’s best restaurants all in one place all weekend long?  In case you’re worried about parking or crowds, don’t be.  The second you taste the food, you’ll forget about anything else.  Don’t believe me? Check out this.

I mean, really.  A food festival offers up this kind of cuisine?  You bet your pajama jeans it does.

In fact, I am here to give personal testimony that this food is the bees knees, because I was invited to a media sneak peek of 20 participating restaurants and tasted their wares one fabulous afternoon.  Not only did I sample delish dishes from places like Chamberlain’s, Sherlock’s, Genghis Grill, Manny’s Uptown, Flippin’ Out Crepes and Coffee, and May Dragon, but I got to choose my favs in a friendly little competition. (more…)

Zest Fest… It’s Gettin’ HOT!

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ZestFest is the largest spicy-food trade show in the Southwest and yours truly will be facilitating a food demonstration on Friday, January 27th and Sunday, January 29th at 4 PM. It’s a shameless plug for the Foodie Couture sister’s “Asian for Every OccAsian” debut but we love flavorful, yet spicy food so this was the perfect venue to showcase our contemporary Asian cooking style. I’m proud to say that we will be among some of the most renowned chefs in Texas such as Eddie Deen and Jon Bonnell just to name a few.

Uno and Liz Immanivong

I will not question how it happened but “magical” chili dust must have fallen when the decision to have two rambunctious sisters join the celebrity chef line-up.  This is an annual event where the spiciest of spicy food contenders will be showcasing their hottest sauces while vying for the coveted Golden Chile award, (Fiery Food Challenge), the Golden Globes of zesty foods!

Zesty foods isn’t all this festival has to offer… Maren Morris, an indie musician will be entertaining and spirits will be offered by Southern Comfort and Blue Moon.  I totally feel like a game show host right about now…. “BUT, that’s not all… if you bring in a canned good, you’ll receive $2 off admission.” Canned items will be donated to Irving Cares, a local food pantry.

Come be entertained by two sisters, fantastic chefs and finding your spice number.

Cheers to living, loving and spicing it up!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by    |    November 24th, 2011 at 10:00 am

We thought it would be interesting to shoot a time lapse of a Thanksgiving day experience in Dallas using time lapse photography but our staff needed some time off. Instead, we located this story depicting a typical family giving thanks and spending time together.  The cooking, feasting, and even playing games is captured in time lapse in under 3 minutes.

Cowboy Chic Cooking

Posted by    |    July 8th, 2011 at 1:59 am

“Cowboy Chic” is when southern comfort meets hip fusion… This is also what I call Chef Jon Bonnell’s cooking at his self-titled “Bonnell’s” Restaurant.  (When an eating establishment proudly boast the chef’s name.. It’s got to be good!)

Southern cooking isn’t just steak and potatoes anymore. It’s about using the freshest ingredients sourced by local farmers, applying modern techniques… straight to the dinner table or your kitchen in this case.  I spent a tasty day with the Chef  Bonnell and we (mostly him) created a wonderful four-course meal that you can make at home.  Chef Bonnell’s philosophy has always been to share his recipes.  Before he became a renowned restauranteur, he taught cooking classes and continues to pay it forward one delicious bite at a time.

On the menu for our chic’ed up video demonstration is a Grilled Tomato and Roasted Mozzarella Salad with Cilantro PestoTexas Shrimp and Creamy Grits, pan seared Rocky Mountain Elk Tenderloin and for dessert… a delicious Cast Iron Cinnamon Apple Crisp. (click on the red text for a copy of the recipes) (more…)

Stumbling on Foodiness (Food + Happiness)…

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I’m clumsy by nature and stumbling on food happiness is the best part of my handicap. I never know where my eating journey will take me, especially when it comes to food.  What started out as the exploration of  a charming new foodie hot spot, Lucia, turned out to be pretty interesting as I had an opportunity to catch up with the Executive and Sous Chef of the up and coming Red Fork which then leads to other food adventures…

Food adventures come from many different sources… recommendations, magazine articles, critic reviews, food shows, commercials and the list goes on and on.  As a lover of food, it’s not difficult to twist my arm to venture out and try some fantastic hole-in-the-wall or upscale restaurant.  The intrigue is not knowing where you’ll end up and what food cravings are created. (more…)

Savor Dallas — A Foodie A-Fair?

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Savor Dallas is a destination for local Foodies!  It was a symphony of flavors with hints of greatness that started out a little flat and ended on a robust and delicious note.   This was the first year I’ve attended this home grown soiree that showcases the talented chefs in Dallas.  In a recent blog, I wrote about delicious food festivals across the country, I Heart Food Festivals, Savor Dallas was #2 on the list and that can be checked off the foodie bucket list.  I was fortunate enough to have attended three of the Savor Dallas offerings… The Art District Wine Stroll, The Friday Night Cocktail Party and of course… The International Grand Tasting. (more…)

Lucia is Coming!

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Lucia Kitchen

I had the privilege of attending a soft opening/practice dinner for Lucia, the new Italian neighborhood restaurant being opened by David and Jennifer Uygur this past Saturday. Word on the street (and from the Uygurs) is that the formal opening will be soon. Let me tell you-it can’t come soon enough! Bishop Arts (where Lucia is opening at 408 W. 8th Street next to Dude, Sweet Chocolate) and all of Dallas are in for a huge treat. This place is phenomenal!

It is the classic neighborhood Italian restaurant that Dallas so desperately needs more of IMHO with top quality food and wine served impeccably in an intimate local setting. With Lucia, it starts with the gracious Jennifer bringing her hosting and wine selection skills to the front of the house. (more…)

I Heart Food Festivals!

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Shrimp Dumpling (Molecular Dim Sum) created by Jose Andres, China Pablano Restaurant

Food, cooking and chefs are gaining more and more popularity each year…. I remember watching local television channels (KERA – Channel 13) if I wanted to learn how to cook. Now we have two national cable channels (Food Network & Cooking Channel), a handful of reality cooking shows (Top Chef, Iron Chef, Master Chef), a slew of magazines and several food festivals that are dedicated to just that… FOOD and the artists aka chefs that showcase them.

“Vegas Uncorked” hosted by Bon Appetit magazine was the first “official” food festival I attended this year. I was and still am the gawking, star-stuck fan that pathetically followed around the celebrity chefs wanting a picture.  No sham here… “you get in where you fit in,” my sister would say. (See below)

Mandy and I with Charlie Palmer and his Chef.

2nd best moment in my life... face time with Bobby Flay and the beautiful Claire Robinson (5 Ingredient Fix)

Needless to say I am now a groupie!  Annual food festivals like this are hosted at the most scenic venues across the country and one of the best opportunities to sample dishes from some of the most renowned chef and best of all… you get to personally meet them!

I came home and did some research on the best food festivals and there’s at least 10 that I want(ed) to attend… two of which are here in Dallas and Addison!