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The First Taste

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Nothing is more honest than a baby. Babies do not lie, have ulterior motives, or egos. What can be more honest the a baby’s reaction? The Answer: A baby’s reaction in slow motion.

Babies. Food. Fun.

Check out this brilliant piece from genius advertising agency Saatchi & Heckler.



Chicken Fried with Bacon Cream – Haystack Burgers & Barley Review

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haystack burgers & barley

Chicken Fried Burger

Just recently on a trip to Nashville, I was confronted by a chicken fried steak. I was urged by many to try this freak of nature but succeeded in avoiding it. I was confronted with the chicken fried madness once again last night and could resist – it was smothered in jalapeno bacon cream after all.

haystack burgers & barley

The Haymaker

Chicken fried madness = not so crazy! Actually, it was kind of awesome.

As was everything that came out of the kitchen during out time at Haystack Burgers & Barley, the new Richardson burger joint owned and operated by local residents Kevin and Jenny Galvan and Rob and Christine Wondoloski.

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