Chicken Scratch

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The first time pulling up to the Chicken Scratch parking lot, we questioned if we had to pluck our own chickens feathers.  But immediately fell in love with the atmosphere.  I’ve been here twice now and totally leave happy every time.

You immediately see and smell the chicken and can look right into the kitchen at all the fixens. 

We can’t help but to soak up the outdoors before it gets too hot to cope with.  Chicken Scratch gives you so many options to choose from outside.

Jun ordered the three piece skillet-fried chicken tenders with crackling gravy and mac’n cheese.  Now beware just because Chicken Scratch has a Texas home feel, doesn’t mean it has Texas portions.  With the prices you might be expecting more, but tell your eyes your tummy will be happy.

Brandon and Justin ordered the quinoa salad and added chicken.  Brandon out eats all of us in amount and speed and Justin whipped him in eating every bite of his salad before I even buttered my biscuit!

I try to do a give and take.   Last time I ordered the skillet-fried fingers with collard greens and this time I did the rotisserie breast quarter with the mac’n cheese.  I will happily order either on my next trip.  I will however stick with the oregano honey over the crackling gravy.

 The mango popsicle is seriously delicious.  Last time I got the watermelon popsicle which was good and really sweet, but this guy was creamy and had chunks of smooth mango.  Perfection after a salty meal.

Next door in sharing patio and owners is The Foundry.  I’m looking forward to hearing a band play on the unique stage, while the streamed lights are twinkling above me.  It looks like a hipsters paradise.

After a quick game of cornhole and we were off to take Paul his togo order and get back to work.


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