Bangkok City Restaurant

Posted by    |    April 30th, 2012 at 2:14 pm

Today was a special treat.  Paul (my husband) came with me and the lunch crew to lunch.  For him to grace our presence we had to switch our plan up and go to Bangkok City.  We didn’t hesitate since it’s always in our rotating restaurant choices.

The minute I sit down I always have to order up a Thai Tea.  It’s ridiculously sweet but that never turns me off and I usually have it gone before our meal arrives.

We all order our usuals and have a wonderful conversation.

After finishing off our salads or soups to start the meal, our food arrives…

Red Curry Chicken is my favorite…

 and Paul loves his Gang Dang.  He’s up to three chilies hot now.

I embarrassed the group with my decor shots and we head back to work with a good-bye to Paul.

Helpful Bangkok tips:  Park in Bryan Streets Tavern’s parking lot if there’s nothing available out front and don’t mind the odd smell when you first walk in.  I promise it goes away once you sit down.

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