West Village – MALAI Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen

Posted by    |    February 10th, 2012 at 3:45 pm

We had a quick shoot today at the West Village so we decided to eat there beforehand.  We walked out of the parking garage discussing which restaurant to choose from.  At first, we were deciding between Grimaldi’s and Village Burger, but there stood in front of us was MALAI.  We all raised our hand to vote for the Thai-Vietnamese restaurant and so we went in.

They sat us at an extremely large table since there was an odd number of us and we had camera gear to boot.  So we passed little hellos to each other made out of splenda packets through the lazy susan.

We were immediately won over with the rich decor and all voted they had amazing (sonic-like) ice.

Once the food came out, we were overwhelmed with joy from our great restaurant choice.  We each ordered something different and it was all fantastic.

The prices were so spot on that you felt you got exactly what you paid for, maybe even a little more.

We left feeling like the smartest people ever.  It’s not everyday you get such a yummy lunch.


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