Doc’s Snow Cones

Posted by    |    June 16th, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Doc’s Food Store off of North Central Express Way and Meadow Road has one of the hidden gems that every kid desires on a hot summer’s day. Doc’s is home to one of Dallas’ best snow cone places. From the outside looking in, this store looks no different than an ordinary convenience store.  I take that back, more of a questionable convenience store. One thing is for sure – it has character.

The ice is shaved to perfection and the flavors range from ordinary to ‘what flavor is that? Even more incredible than the gamut of flavors is Doc’s all-natural flavors. The option of getting the natural fruit flavors gives Doc’s an advantage over the rest.  It allows the customer to have a lighter, but still refreshing, cold treat during the mid-day heat.

The all-natural flavors may be healthier, but the syrup is hands down the way to go! My favorite is tiger’s blood. Sounds gross, right? Negative. It is a mix of strawberry and coconut, and at Doc’s, the ratio of strawberry to coconut could not be more tantalizing to the taste buds.  Since this summer is already proving to be a scorcher, reward yourself with a snow cone. Get a mix, get one, or get it all – Doc’s has it.

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