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Whiskey Cake’s John Franke does it all

Posted by    |    April 27th, 2011 at 10:14 am

Corporate chef of over four restaurants in the Dallas Fort Worth area, John Franke does a balancing act with his time behind the scenes at some pretty innovative eateries.

Whiskey Cake, one of the restaurants Franke oversees, just popped up in Plano about four months ago and has already received raving reviews from many different publications. And deservedly so. Whiskey Cake’s concept of “farm to kitchen” can be described as locally sourced contemporary American cuisine.

With high ceilings, wooden tables, and a funky feel, Franke says they’ve strived for an Austin vibe. They make some of their own cheeses, pickles, potato chips, French fries and more. They even have their own little garden in the back.


Savor Dallas — A Foodie A-Fair?

Posted by    |    April 8th, 2011 at 5:01 pm

Savor Dallas is a destination for local Foodies!  It was a symphony of flavors with hints of greatness that started out a little flat and ended on a robust and delicious note.   This was the first year I’ve attended this home grown soiree that showcases the talented chefs in Dallas.  In a recent blog, I wrote about delicious food festivals across the country, I Heart Food Festivals, Savor Dallas was #2 on the list and that can be checked off the foodie bucket list.  I was fortunate enough to have attended three of the Savor Dallas offerings… The Art District Wine Stroll, The Friday Night Cocktail Party and of course… The International Grand Tasting. (more…)

Overpriced food & not-so-noteworthy flavors

Posted by    |    April 7th, 2011 at 10:56 am

Although we dropped in last minute and didn’t have reservations, Nosh stepped up their game and managed to deliver an excellent experience even though we were crammed in the back corner eating at a tiny table meant just for drinks.

It was a Saturday night and the place was overflowing with people—and noise. Located on 4216 Oak Lawn Ave, Nosh occupies a tiny space for such a large following. Because the tables were so close together and the room was so small, it was hard to hear. On top of this, there wasn’t much of an atmosphere…not to mention the prices on the menu were deterring me.

I ordered a glass of Malbec, a $9 glass of Malbec. I knew I was overpaying, but on top of this I was served what appeared to be one fourth of a glass. I wasn’t going to let that fly. I spoke to our waiter (who I assume was a manager) and asked him politely if I could have some wine added to my glass. He told me they measured each glass before pouring, but assured me he would gladly add some for me. And he did just that.