Pork Fetish Anyone?

Posted by    |    August 23rd, 2010 at 10:30 am

Yep, I thought it was time I admitted it…I have an extreme pork fetish. I love all things pork — bacon, sausage, shanks, loin, belly, chicharrón — you name it, if it comes from a pig and is edible then I’m all over it. Now I’ve eaten a lot of pork dishes in Dallas, but recently I found my favorite: the crispy pork shank at Bolsa being served up this summer. I could talk about the bed of wonderful fresh local vegetables that the shank sat atop or the perfect sauce and seasonings…but alas, I want to focus for the moment on the pork.

It was a perfect piece of perfectly cooked pork (yes, I used ‘perfect’ twice; it is necessary redundancy!). Crispy, golden brown on the outside and fork-tender on the inside. I know in this day and age, talking about fatty anything is taboo but when you’re talking quality pork products, you’ve got to use the “f” word. This shank had the perfect amount of fat so that it crisped nicely and was oh so juicy. For aficionados, ‘lean’ and ‘pork’ are mutually exclusive.

Speaking of pork, I did a little digging and as with so many of its products and ingredients, Bolsa does it right sourcing sustainably and locally wherever possible. They try and get their pork locally when available from Eden Creek Farm outside of Corsicana. Eden Creek is local, practices sustainable farming methods, and doesn’t use any chemicals on their farm. When they can’t get what they need locally, Bolsa gets its pork from Eden Farms in Iowa (no relation to Eden Creek…”Eden” is just a popular name with sustainable and organic farms). Eden Farms is a coalition of independent family farmers and the largest American supplier of 100% pure heirloom Berkshire pork. They raise their Berkshire pigs right, without hormones and on a nutritious grain-only diet. I know it certainly worked with the crispy pork shank!

It all starts with the ingredients, and in this case, Bolsa sources the right pork and then cooks it to perfection. Where do they serve your favorite pork dish in Dallas and what is it?

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  1. I’m not quite as into pork, but this shank was awfully good. We did pork buns recently at home that were outstanding as well…pork belly, steamed buns, hoisin sauce, homemade pickles and Sriracha…yum!