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Meddlesome Moth Has The Best Beer Selection In Dallas. Yeah, I Just Said That

Posted by    |    June 30th, 2010 at 3:21 am

I post this under the Restaurants blog because Meddlesome Moth is indeed a restaurant, with a unique menu offering shared plates with a gastro-pub theme. I could talk more about the food, or how the Design District is on its way to being the next uber hip ‘hood in Dallas, but I’m just to eager to talk draughts, ales, lagers, and BEER.


Hillstone is the New Houston’s: Kind of

Posted by    |    June 24th, 2010 at 11:25 pm

Since 1976, The Hillstone Group has introduced innovative dining concepts to some of the  most prestigious cities in the U.S.

For 34 years, they have been building brands like Cafe R+D and Houston’s. Brands we love so much that we find ourselves at a Houston’s in Manhattan, just because it feels like home. To the other creatures of habit out there, what’s wrong with a warm fuzzy feeling every time you pass that ivy-laced corner lot restaurant in Preston Center, knowing you will see the word “Houston’s,” meticulously displayed on a clean stucco wall?

What if that word changed to Hillstone? Would the dining experience that you’ve known and loved at this Park Cities staple be the same? Houston’s, I mean Hillstone, says it will be. Let us know what you think about the Park Cities being named a “flagship” Hillstone location. I for one, am headed to Beltline Road (the other Dallas location I love), where Houston’s is still Houston’s.

Viva Neo Pizza Napoletana

Posted by    |    June 24th, 2010 at 7:53 am

The owner of Olivella’s critically acclaimed pizzeria in Snider Plaza has overcome an obstacle in its life that many find to be the cause of deep-seated anger and patience issues: parking.

While we adore Olivella’s incredibly personal and unique atmosphere filled to the brim with scrumptiously authentic thin crust pizza, battling the lunch crowd in Snider Plaza is a defeating quest. The tiny restaurant is less than 900 square feet and only seats about 30. Thankfully, owner Charlie Green has expanded his vision of “Italianicity” into Victory Park with his new Neo Pizza Napoletana restaurant. Bravo Mr. Green! Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief in our cars as we speed down Hillcrest past everyone cramming into Goff’s and Chick-fil-A and head down to our free parking lot at Neo’s….too bad you all didn’t get the memo on youplusdallas!  Reporter Annie Potasznik has more here.

The Secret Word Is: Pupusas

Posted by    |    June 24th, 2010 at 2:36 am

If you live an active lifestyle — and by active I mean going to restaurants far too often, staying out far too late, and making your after work hours far too happy — then I’m sure you know one word all too well: overdraft. The key is finding tricks, you know, cheap tricks, to beat the system.

We all know Gloria’s has $4 mojitos and margaritas at all times, which is great. However, if you order a regular meal, and get three drinks, you are looking at a $30 tab for what should be a very casual dinner or lunch (I mean you are at Gloria’s.) Try this out next time: take advantage of the free chips, black beans, and salsa. The black bean dip is actually REALLY good. You don’t need a full meal after all the snacking on chips you will undoubtedly do anyways.

Under the apps on the menu are tamales and pupusas. Gloria’s tamales are HUGE, and are only $2 each. The pupusas are like a small pancake stuffed with cheese, pork, or both, and are not as heavy as that sounds. Also, $2 for one. Chips, black bean dip, salsa, one tamale, one pupusa, two margs and a mojito equal perfectly full, sometimes almost to full. Oh and the best part, it also only equals about $18 bucks with tip.

Gloria's mojitos: make mine rocks, no salt!