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“Sermon on the Mound”

Posted by    |    September 4th, 2011 at 6:30 am

“Sermon on the Mound” by Eliot Rausch is a short film that is designed to make you pause and reflect.  The images of the poor, of violence, and life are woven together with a monologue from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. We highly recommend viewing this short film in conjunction with this review of Eliott Rausch.

More short films and articles concerning Faith and Religion can be found at in our Faith and Religion Network

It’s Okay, You Can Put the Words ‘Tavern’ and ‘Church’ in the Same Sentence

Posted by    |    April 22nd, 2011 at 2:17 pm

A traditional church service can be intimidating for some, but The Tavern Church, located at City Tavern in Downtown Dallas, welcomes all, and holds a laidback, ego-free vibe. Offered on the last Sunday of each month, The Tavern Church starts with live music by local musicians, such as John David Kent, and rounds out with Steve Bezner speaking His word. Bezner’s engaging style makes for inspiring cheers and toasts at the wrap of his lecture.

Come solo or bring your friends – you’ll meet the nicest people in the Big D here. Also, their hamburgers are pretty much the tastiest of dishes.

The Tavern Church delivers His word in a non-denominational service. Everyone is welcome. Hallelujah, let’s grab a beer.

The next Tavern Church is happening this Sunday, April 24 at 8pm

God Escapes the Sloan Scale of Value in Munger Place Church

Posted by    |    January 19th, 2011 at 1:13 pm

I have come to realize that I measure how much I LOVE something in direct relation to how much I LOATHED it before. Southwest Airlines is a perfect example. I honestly considered them a near dangerous airline. I don’t know why, they always just seemed less professional to me, or sub-par, and that in turn made me think that death was imminent via plane crash (I think those disturbing backwards seats played a role in my perception as well). However, Southwest has made a comeback in my eyes. They’ve upgraded their fleet with new flashy colors (and a paint job that doesn’t scream this plane hasn’t been touched since 1972), the staff is not only kind, professional and helpful, they’re laugh out loud funny. Not to mention, their commercials are the jam. I LOVE Southwest! (and don’t typically use exclamation points). I have no doubt that in my twisted head, it’s an absolute correlation to exactly how awful I used to think Southwest was as an airline. It’s just my MO in placing value on something, or anything. (more…)

Unlimit Yourself

Posted by    |    July 18th, 2010 at 4:23 pm

Reid and I were in need of spiritual nourishment today, so we went to the 11:15 am service at Higher Mark Church this morning.  Most of you are probably not aware of Higher Mark — a small church located in a shopping center off W. Camp Wisdom Road in South Dallas — but you should be.  We’re talking about a full on, roof-raising gospel Baptist church headed by Pastor Billy Adkison.  Don Ollie is the Music Director, and you don’t get that position at this church unless you know what you are doing.

Pastor Adkison can flat out preach.  His sermon, “Unlimit Yourself,” could have been written specifically for me.  He called on all of us to toss away the impediments and barriers that keep us from using our gifts to serve the Lord.

I get a little antsy at the one hour mark of most services, so I was really surprised to leave a full three hours after we got there, totally energized by a congregation that welcomed us with open arms, hugs, and prayers.  Reid and I witnessed the power of a fully engaged, small congregation singing, praying, and helping each other in a way reminiscent of another era.

I am a member of Highland Park Presbyterian Church, but I fully intend to stop by from time to time to visit my new found friends at Higher Mark Church.  And you should, too.