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In the House with Richard Ellis

Posted by    |    October 24th, 2010 at 2:46 pm

When John Tolson suggests that I visit with someone, I take his lead and do it.  So this week, I had a chance to visit with Richard Ellis of Reunion Church.   Reunion Church is located at the Dallas Convention Center Theater (also known as The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc.), at the corner of Canton St. & Akard downtown.

Reunion is about Disciples making Disciples.  I have not attended a service there (yet), but it is pretty clear that this is not a place for the casual Christian.  From what I gathered from the meeting, this congregation takes their calling seriously.

Citing Matthew 28:19-20, Reunion’s ultimate purpose is to encourage us to establish a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and then help us grow as true followers of Christ (disciples).  And this is why Reunion is not for the casual Christian.  The call is to to introduce others to Jesus Christ and help them grow to maturity in their faith.

Richard is a pretty quick read, and while I won’t go into detail here, he gave me some candid thoughts on how we should think about using this web platform to serve the Lord.

I am planning on attending his service next Sunday and invite any and all to attend with me.  Thank you John, for thinking of me and arranging an introduction to Richard Ellis.