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As addressed by Billy Graham.

As addressed by Charles Stanley.

A hero at Sandy Hook. More.

Spiritual warfare and school shootings.

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Give Thanks to John Calvin

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We are huge fans of Salomon Ligthelm and Eliot Rausch, so when we view work by others who are inspired by them, we take notice and quickly post for our Dallas viewers.

“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” Matthew 6:3-4 (NIV)

Script by Matthew Smith
Narration by Luke Atencio

This piece was inspired in part by many of the very special creatives on Vimeo, including Salomon Ligthelm, Eliot Rausch, Jared Hogan, and Cole Webley.

Meet the Kids of Buen Samaritano, Honduras … They Are About to be Fed

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Meet Alan. He’s a little boy who will BEG and FIGHT for your attention. As you can tell from the picture, we were trying to see if the camera was working … and unexpectedly it was.

This is sweet Angie, Paco & Kelin. They LOVE when you will sit down and play games with them.

She LOVES hugs

Most definitely my favorite little girl … Stephanie. Look at those dimples.

Meet Daniella and Emma … they will melt your heart.

Everyone knows that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with a little community in Honduras called Buen Samaritano. It’s one of the poorest communities you’ll find in Honduras.  It’s built on a hill right outside the dump where we work. Many of the people who live there, including the kids, have to work in the dump to try and live. The children there will just steal your heart … they have mine. Any time Marc asks, “Where do you want to work this year when you and your group are here?” I respond, “Let’s go to Buen Samaritano.” He’s always more than willing. We’ve done special one-time feedings there, built MANY houses there, done medical clinics there, but we’ve been unable to feed kids on a regular basis.

What this little community has desperately needed is a feeding center where the children can eat one meal a day … 5-6 days a week. Something they aren’t guaranteed now. That would SO bless these children who are so malnourished. When we were there this summer we visited one little home where the momma and her 2 year old baby had not eaten in 3 days because they simply didn’t have any money. It broke our hearts. This community has GOT to have a feeding center that can feed kids and also be used as a church on Sunday.

Yesterday while standing in a store, I fought back tears when Marc Tindall messaged me and said, he found a building and plot of land in Buen Samaritano, that we could have for a feeding center.  If we could come up with the money to buy it, we could be feeding children in that little community by the end of the year. More tears … and I’m not a big emotional person. This was an answered prayer.

The cost of the building and plot of land is … $6000. An amount that looks HUGE, but isn’t.  It’s really small compared to God.  Marc will be in Childress in two weeks and we plan to present him with a $6000 check to get that feeding center open. If you would like to help with the opening of this feeding center you can, but even if you can’t, it’s okay. We WILL have it open by end of the year. If you want to help, you have two options …

(Send a tax deductable check to)  Childress Church of Christ, PO BOX 239, Childress, Texas  79201 (attn Feeding Center)


You can use my Paypal that is on this page, but please understand … it’s not a tax deductible donation.

If you have questions … please feel free to email me.  Oh, and I’ll be releasing all the details on my December Honduras trip in a week. I’d love to have you join me on the trip.  One of the things I PRAY that we’ll be doing is spending a day working in a new feeding center in Beun Samaritano. :)

Children should never go hungry … EVER!


Habitat for Humanity Design Duel

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Dallas Habitat for Humanity is once again launching their “Design Duel” to raise awareness for their Dallas Habitat ReStores. The ReStores sell new and gently used home decorating and improvement products such as cabinets and light fixtures at 50 to 70 percent off the retail price. All proceeds go toward the construction of new Dallas Area Habitat homes.


“Design Duel” will put the skills of two top design firms, Breckinridge Taylor and Pulp Design studios, to the test. The Challenge?  They are given only $3,000 dollars and three weeks to redesign two deserving families’ living rooms using only materials found in Dallas Habitat Restores. Once the designers have completed their rooms, your votes combined with the votes of a panel of local interior designers and media personalities will the determine the ultimate “Top Designer”.


College Students: How To Stay A Christian During College …

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You+Dallas Editor Note:  This article hits close to home as many of our daughters, sons and friends head off to college.  We encourage each and every parent and student to read and reflect on the contents of this article while traveling to your college of choice.  We cannot rank this great list of action points, but three come to mind.  First, gather your close friends and select a church that you can attend together.  Second, take a moment each morning to read your Bible, and third, find a bible study group to join.  If you do these three things, you will increase the likelihood of making sound choices while having a great time in college.

College should be one of the best times in your life because you are out on your own and making your own choices. BUT college should NEVER be the time you ditch God and your faith in order to experience the world. I read recently where 70% of college students quit Christianity during college … despite growing up in Christian homes. Ugh!  Don’t buy into the lie that Satan feeds you, “This is the time you should be experiencing the world, drinking, partying!”  Instead live for God … even when no one is watching.

They say every college kid struggles with the freshman 15 (15 lbs of weight gain the first year of college) … so let me give you 15 ways to keep from bailing on your faith during college…

  1. Keep your relationship with God your #1 priority … not school, not work, not the opposite sex or anything else.
  2. Read your bible everyday.
  3. Make it a priority to find a church to attend … and then get your rear-end out of bed and go.
  4. Hang with the right crowd. Run with the wrong crowd, in the wrong places … and you’ll do the wrong things.
  5. Get involved with other college students that have the same spiritual goals.
  6. Don’t believe the lie that “everyone is doing it….” whatever someone tells you “it” is.
  7. Pray every day for strength.
  8. Remember daily how good God has been to you. Why would you want to turn your back on that?
  9. Find an accountability partner who will help keep you spiritually accountable.
  10. Don’t hang out in the wrong places… places where you’ll be tempted.
  11. Serve others. Look for a place to volunteer.
  12. Find a campus ministry, college ministry or bible chair to get involved with.
  13. Communicate and give regular updates to your parents, youth minister or mentor on how you are doing spiritually.
  14. Find a weekly bible study to get involved in or host one in your home.
  15. Remember that Satan is going to do everything he can to get you. He’ll use people, places and things to tempt you … keep an eye out for his schemes.

College kids … stay strong in your faith!

Chick Fil-A, Freedom, and Faith

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The Chick Fil-A controversy raised a number of issues that have been extensively covered by the mainstream press.  We have focused on freedom of speech which is protected by the Constitution of the United States.   The First Amendment says this, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  In a Forbes article, David Davenport said this, “It seems right for supporters of Chick fil-A and its president’s values to be concerned about their right to follow God’s word as they understand it, and even to believe that their point of view deserves a seat at the table in American democracy. Indeed, there is a long history supporting the notion that such values have been of real, practical value to elevating the mores and values that allow a free republic to work. And it seems right for Americans who find those views too narrow to decline to eat at Chick fil-A, though not for elected leaders to use their offices to block a business whose leader expresses his freedoms of speech and religion.”

Democratic officials representing three U.S. cities spoke against the views of Dan Cathy, who stated his belief in traditional marriage. Chick Fil-A was warned that the Atlanta-based restaurant chain will be blocked from expanding into their cities.  We are ardent supporters of the First Amendment, and so we went to Chick Fil-A on Wednesday and Friday to support the right of people to peacefully express their views.

Inwardly, the question arose on how Christians should think of this controversy.  We found a paragraph in The Daily Walk Bible on page 868 that appropriately put the debate into context.  “Independence – the freedom to speak, write, assemble and worship without fear of a tyrant’s intervention – is a prized possession.  But never forget as you enjoy your independence that you were also created to enjoy dependence under the lordship of Jesus Christ.”  “Real freedom is not freedom from God but freedom with God through salvation that is in Jesus Christ.”

Franklin Graham said, “In the words of the bold, biblical prophet Daniel who refused to bow to the evil culture of his day: “The people who know their God will display strength and take action” (Daniel 11:32, NASB).  This online article said this.  “Maybe it’s best to let the Scriptures have the last word on this one. What does the Bible say about standing up for what is right?  Regardless of societal pressures or social chicken sandwich wars that may cloud the issue?  This verse from Romans also gets right to the point, 

”And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” — Romans 12:2.”

In this article, the author quoted, “Personally, I understand and support religious or other groups showing strong public disapproval of people who are doing harm to others — but to publicly disrespect a man or woman who has a legal, loving relationship with another person, really showcases the unhealthy, tyrannical attitude of many religious sects.”

This article made the following point, “Homosexuality is one of the most defining, contentious, and complex issues facing this generation of the church. We cannot sacrifice our biblical convictions but neither can we sacrifice the church’s ability to serve people of opposing viewpoints and lifestyles. The 452,000 people supporting Chick-fil-A are delivering more than one message, and the message the homosexual community and its supporters see is “us versus you.” The event also sends a message of separatism and territorialism in the “reclaiming” of those restaurants that are being boycotted, a collective action easily seen as a shaking of the fist or a wagging of the finger.”

In our view, there is a real danger in the “us versus you” conflict – a conflict that will do nothing but divide the country.  We anticipate that the Chick fil-A controversy may become part of the debate that determines the outcome of the Presidential election.


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This movie trailer, directed by Adam Kring and including one of our favorites on the film team, Salomon Ligthelm (score/sound design), needs to be viewed along side a very nice explanation by Perry Noble on why he wrote the book, Unleashed!.

Some additional information can be found here.  Perry Noble runs a mega church in South Carolina.  Recently, he announced taking a two month leave.  In the article, Noble is quoted as saying, “In order for me to lead this church well for the next 20 years, there’s got to be some changes in me,” he told his congregation last weekend when he preached his final message before his break. “I noticed the closer you get to Jesus, he just peels back another layer on your life of something that you’ve got to work on.”

C.S. Lewis: Why He Matters Today

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Seth Parker created a nice introduction of C. S. Lewis in a short video entitled  “C.S. Lewis: Why He Matters Today.”  Parker’s title intrigues on many levels.  Lewis was an atheist who found Christ in an era when many shunned Christianity in favor of  the “great thinkers such as Nietzsche, Freud, and Darwin.”

“C.S. Lewis: Why he matters today” explores Lewis’ life as an example for Christians today because, as Professor of Philosophy and Executive Producer of the documentary Dr. Michael Peterson said, “Lewis is a wonderful model of a person who took his gifts and his opportunities and tried to engage his culture in a positive way on behalf of Christian faith.” Assistant Professor and Producer of the documentary Greg Bandy said. He also said that The Chronicles of Narnia in particular “help people understand the Gospel.”

The source, directly and indirectly for this article came from here. The Asbury Collegian.

The Way by Rudy Pohl

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From time to time we run across stories that we believe our friends in Dallas and around the country might want to view.  Rudy Pohl created this video and provided this narrative on

“At the age of 30 I had been an atheist/agnostic for almost 20 years having made a conscious decision against God when I was 10. With a science degree in molecular genetics and my only interest being making more money I was deeply entrenched in unbelief… until one day in 1980, God came knocking on my heart.

Through a series of miracles and supernatural encounters God revealed Himself to me. He showed me the Truth and the Way to Life through His Son Jesus. That summer, my wife Marny and I sold our luxury home, our 40-acre hobby farm, and our business. We headed off to seminary for 3 years of ministry training and we’ve been serving God ever since. (more…)