10 Things HUSBANDS Should NEVER Do in their Marriage

Posted by    |    October 21st, 2012 at 5:40 am

Earlier this week I posted about “10 Things Wives Shouldn’t Do In Marriage.”  Here’s a list for the husbands….

  1. NEVER be unwilling to forgive. Don’t hold on to all the negative things about your relationship and never bring up past hurts. Instead, remind her that you love her … everyday.
  2. NEVER plop your fat rear-end down in a chair after work without first asking your wife if she needs some help with something. Just because your workday has ended, doesn’t mean you can’t still help with hers. Run a vacuum, load the dishwasher, help put the kids to bed, etc. It’s your house too. Get up and do something to help.
  3. NEVER be critical of your wife in public. There is NEVER an excuse for this. If you have an issue with your wife, discuss it with her, not your buddies at the golf course.
  4. NEVER think that communication is overrated. Your wife needs communication as much as you need air to breath. When she asks, “What did you do today at work?” Don’t say, “Nothing!” instead, give her all the details.
  5. NEVER stop pursuing your wife.  Work as hard everyday to keep her as you did to win her before you were married. Things like sending flowers, holding hands, leaving notes, etc.  It’s called affection. Those things should NEVER end.  One of the things you can do is date your wife (at least once a week).  One of the worst things you can do for your marriage is not investing any “alone time” as a husband and wife. Find a sitter and take your wife out for supper.
  6. NEVER stop praising your wife. You can’t over-praise your wife. Tell her she’s still beautiful, that she’s a good mother or a fantastic wife. No wife has ever said, “I don’t like it when you say nice things about me.” Be her BIGGEST fan.
  7. NEVER EVER say something critical about your wife’s new haircut. There are a few things women take VERY serious, and their hair style is one of them. Being critical about your wife’s new hair style will only lead to the doghouse, sofa or both.
  8. NEVER hide things from your wife. Honesty and openness is HUGE to your wife. Don’t hide text messages, friendships, emails, passwords, etc. Openness leads to accountability, which is excellent in marriage.
  9. NEVER invest more time into your hobbies or occupation than your marriage and family. Your marriage should be FIRST priority, your family second and then your occupation and hobbies. Don’t be dumb enough to put your marriage and family on the back burner and later regret it.
  10. NEVER refer to keeping your own children as “babysitting.”  They’re your kids and you are their father … it’s not babysitting, it’s called being a father.

  1. Sylvie Ojong says:

    Wow thank God I had the opportunity to get this information it is gold to me and those around me.God bless you and your family and may He continue to inspire you in Jesus's name.