Is God judging America?

Posted by    |    September 18th, 2012 at 5:40 am

A Palestinian woman shouts as she hold a Koran during demonstrations denouncing a U.S.-made film that mocks the Prophet Mohammed, after Friday prayers near Damascus Gate outside Jerusalem's Old City September 14, 2012 (Credit: Reuters / Nir Elias)Four American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan yesterdayLibya has announced the arrest of 50 suspects in the killing of the U.S. envoy and three other Americans.  In recent days our embassies have been attacked or threatened in Libya, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Tunisia, Indonesia, and Lebanon.  To attack an embassy is equivalent to attacking the nation it represents.

Why has God allowed this latest uprising against America?  Why has he permitted the decades-long aggression of jihadists against us?  Why are we still struggling to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression, and from floods and fires that continue to threaten our people?  Is God judging our nation?

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